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Gray Hockey Tape

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What Makes VUK Gray Hockey Tape Better?

Whether you call it Gray Hockey Tape or a Green Hockey Grip, Vuk has the best hockey stick tape on the ice! Within our first year in the sport, we had the Columbus Blue Jackets and Pittsburgh Penguins testing out our products! One year later, we had Captains Cam Atkinson and Nick Foligno testing our tape out in training camp for the Blue Jackets! They liked the thinness and similarities it had to athletic tape! Issues with Howies Hockey Tape or Athletic Tapes are:

  • Product is rough
  • The adhesive comes through and makes it sticky on your hockey gloves
  • The palms of your hockey gloves take a beating from all of the slippage that occurs on that product
  • It is not reusable
  • The product does not last long, so it needs replaced
  • Alternatives leave unwanted "after-adhesive" on your stick when you take it off
  • It absorbs moisture from the ice, air and sweat
  • Because these products absorb moisture and sweat, these will begin to stink

Feel rest assured that Vuk's Gray Hockey Grip will not leave stranded on the ice! Our American Made products are designed to increase your overall performance in training and during a game! Plus, we do have the only American Made, American Flag Hockey Tape out there that is Grippy, aka focused on Premium Friction!

Can I have too much Friction on my Stick?

We believe that there is no such thing as too much friction, especially with our silver hockey stick tape! Now, you can have too much sticky or tacky on your stick. Hockey players want the best tape for their hockey stick because the want the ability to have the best feel! So, we have people searching on Google for terms like - friction tape hockey - because we are the top gripping material product for this! Friction allows you to hold your hockey stick with a "Grip Lighter - Hold Tighter" approach, while training or playing! This is important because it gives you the ability increase your fluid movements on the ice! If you can be more fluid, then you can achieve great explosion, quickness and hockey stick control! Basically, we included physics and science on all of our cool hockey tape designs!

If you need instructions on how to tape a hockey stick with our gray hockey grip tape, then visit our page: click here for the video! You can also purchase our products on Amazon! Just: click here!

Customer Reviews

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Gavin Lucey
Amazing grip

It is my first time using a vuk grip and I am in love my accuracy has improved and I feel I have more control of the puck very good product