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  • Gray Baseball Bat Grip Tape with VukGripz logos
  • Gray Baseball Bat Grip Tape with VukGripz logos
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Gray Bat Grip Tape

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Why is This Gray Bat Grip Tape Different than the Others?

Every company focuses on thickness with their bat grip! Some companies provide several different thicknesses leaving it up to mom or dad to choose the right one. So, instead of different thicknesses, which get confusing because you don't remember what you bought before. We simply did a different feel! Our gray batting tape and our Pink Bat Tape feel a little softer than our other batting grips! If you use your bare hands, you may want something a little more firm or tradition! Or, you may choose to pick something a little softer! Totally up to you! If a player wears batting gloves, they will not be able to tell the difference! Let's be honest: if people want pink bat wraps, they won't care if it feels different in the end!


Is the Softness for a Baseball Bat Wraps or Softball Batting Tape?

This is a great question! There is no difference between the sports! We didn't create on for the other, or visa versa! Since playing professional baseball, I understood that both sports come down to feel! If it feels good, then mentally you may focus a little more! If something feels bad, that little difference that your hands notice could have an impact! So, don't let that get in your way! We plan on making mores softer versions as we grow!


Are These Bat Wraps used in Pro Softball?

Team USA Softball Player, Taylor Edwards, used our red bat grip in the world championships back in 2019! She planned on using it in the 2020 Olympic Softball Tournament until it got pushed back until 2021! Our very first Pro Softball Player was Chelsea Goodacre (USSSA PRIDE)! She used our Blue Batting Grip in 2019! Many other professionals have reached out and are planning to do the same!

Quick Tips and Techniques when Wrapping a Bat with VukGripz:

Always use your thumbs when applying the batting tape to the handle! Don't pull tight or overstretch! Allow your thumbs to apply pressure, so it lays flat! Also, do not remove the backing all at once because our adhesive is super sticky! Take your time! Check out the our videos on our website, or head to our wrapping a bat video on YouTube by clicking here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Jake Mills
Vuk Grips

Great service and quick delivery. Ours guys love the grips we got that withstand swinging them daily.

Aaron Bromwell
Great Gripz!

We Love VukGripz - Period!

Gary Mess
Love this particular grip for my cage bat

The slightly softer grip is great for the wear and tear of a over 150 swings a session. I don't use batting gloves and this grip is great on my hands.

Mark Donsbach
Best grip in the game!

My daughter loves and promotes your grips! Hands down, the best grip in the game!

Great Product

Great Product Have been using VukGripz ever since my son's teammate had one on his bat, that was 2019 now every bat has VukGripz 14 bats now to date....