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XL Neon Green Bat Grip Tape

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$15.99 USD
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$15.99 USD

How is the Extra Long Black Bat Grip Tape Different than the other VukGripz?

The XL Black Bat Grip Tape is made 6 inches longer than the standard bat grips. Most players will not need the extra length of this grip on metal bats. These are made for wood bats with custom knobs, large tapers and thick handles. Also, these will extend up the wood bat to give players the "look" that they see on TV! Whereas, our standard black bat tapes will give players enough grip, plus some room to choke up (enough for your hands)!

The Best Bat Grips are ones that perform for you in any condition! Also, these are thin like bat tape, but have unmatched exit velocity increases for players! Get the most out of your muscles by adding fluidity to your swing from the Premium Friction our bat wraps provide!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Very hard to put on

Grip feels great but it’s way too difficult to put on for a beginner wrapper like myself. I watched the how to vids throughout the whole process of applying but could not get the grip on correctly for the life of me. I know the grip feels great cause my buddy had this grip on his bat but it’s just too hard to put on for myself. I’m giving it 3 stars just because I know how it feels if put on correctly.

Tyler Jones
Best Bat Grips

First time user and very impressed. Wish I had ordered these years ago. Great look and feel to them. One drawback….everyone wants to use my bat now. Thanks for the quality product.

Joaquin VillalobosCalifornia Cruiisers Fastpitch
Loyal Vuk Gripz Family 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️

Our best way to describe Vuk Gripz is a soft spiderman grip. Your lucky batting gloves will get crunchy, loose texture to a sort of hard & smooth surface…. so this is where Vuk is so great. Vuk Gripz will grab those batting gloves with no problem. My daughter plays Fastpitch and loves them. I play old man slowpitch and love them as well. Thanks Vuk Family 🤙🏼 YouTube video placeholder
Matt Bahun
Great grip

Purchased a grip at the college World Series and my son loves the feel. We will definitely be purchasing more products.

Keith Rollins

Grandson loves the grip