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XL Blue Bat Grip Tape

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$15.99 USD

How is the Extra Long Black Bat Grip Tape Different than the other VukGripz?

The XL Black Bat Grip Tape is made 6 inches longer than the standard bat grips. Most players will not need the extra length of this grip on metal bats. These are made for wood bats with custom knobs, large tapers and thick handles. Also, these will extend up the wood bat to give players the "look" that they see on TV! Whereas, our standard black bat tapes will give players enough grip, plus some room to choke up (enough for your hands)!

The Best Bat Grips are ones that perform for you in any condition! Also, these are thin like bat tape, but have unmatched exit velocity increases for players! Get the most out of your muscles by adding fluidity to your swing from the Premium Friction our bat wraps provide!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gabriel Cedillo
Amazing Grip!!!

I'm a loyal Vuk gripz user and I absolutely love these grips! I finally just had to replace one after about 4 seasons. You'll never regret buying this grip!

Scott Kramer

I have purchased 4 different grips and have used 2 of them so far. My son loves them with the only exception within 2 or 3 games the screen print designs are faded and/or gone. I just bought the limited edition donut grip. My son is thrilled to get it, but we feel within a week the design will be gone and it will just be a pink grip

Bryan Herr
VUK Batting Grips

I bought the grips for my son's baseball bat. He has 3 bats with your grips on them and loves them. I have recently wrapped 2 of my fishing rods with them and love the feel, even when wet. You should look at marketing these grips towards fishing rods. When I get out and catch some fish with those rods I'll send some pics.


Best Grip on the Market

My 14 year old and his entire baseball team fell in love with this grip. My daughter and her entire softball team love it too. It’s such a unique product and it puts the other bat grips to shame. Other grips lose their grip and become slick. They’re horrible when they get wet from sweat or rain. Not Vuk. These grips are on point rain, shine, sweat, batting gloves or bare hands. The consistency and feeling in your hands is second to none. Watch out other grip companies, because Vuk is taking over. I haven’t seen one of my kid’s teammates, brothers, sisters, coaches, and even us parents who are not switching to 100% VukGripz. I know both my kids won’t use any other grip!!!

Duane Rucker
Wonderful grip

I managed to get me another bat grip for some of my bats that I have and decided to get the XL Blue VukGrip :) straight legit grip for sure