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  • Hockey Stick Tape, Hockey Tape, Grip Tape, Hockey Stick, american flag tape
  • American Flag Hockey Grip. White Hockey stick tape with USA stars on roll
  • Hockey Stick Tape, Hockey Tape, Grip Tape, American Flag Hockey Stick tape
  • Hockey stick grip tape, hockey stick grip, stick tape, hockey tape, hockey stick tape
  • Hockey Tape, hockey stick grip tape, stick tape, hockey stick grip, hockey tape
  • American Flag Hockey Grip. White Hockey stick tape with USA stars unrolled
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American Flag Hockey Tape

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USA Hockey Tape Design

Our American Made Hockey Tape is the Best Hockey Tape in the World! The thin design allows our USA hockey grip tape to be used without losing the feel of the hockey stick in your hands! This hockey tape does not absorb moisture from sweat, rain or when the stick hits the ice! VukGripz Hockey Tape is also reusable as well!

How to wrap a hockey stick with VukGripz Hockey Stick Grip:

No worries on having to wrap your hockey stick with the best USA Hockey Tape! Our "How to Wrap a Hockey Stick" video makes it easy to do this (Click Here to View on YouTube)!

Just be sure to use your thumbs when applying! Also, do not overstretch or pull tight! VukGripz hockey tape can be stretched and manipulated to lay it flat on any hockey stick! Use your thumbs to apply pressure, so it lays flat on the stick! Be sure to not remove all the backing of the hockey tape either!

If you do, be cautious that our adhesive on the back of the hockey grip is very sticky! Stick the finishing end to something to avoid it from getting rolled up, tangled, or twisted!

We use American Made adhesive that is superior to every other hockey tape and hockey grip in the world! Since you did not remove all the liner at once, simply remove the backing as you stick the hockey grip tape to the hockey stick! Be sure to use our finishing tape on both ends (at least the finishing end) to help protect the edge(s) during use! Electrical tape is a great alternative as well!

If you want to learn more or you want to buy our other hockey grip colors, you can follow click this link! Be sure to read up on VukGripz as we will be the next on-ice product to explode!

Welcome to the VukPack! It is time to Grip Lighter and Hold Tighter!