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  • White Stars & American Flag Baseball and Softball Bat Grip Tape
  • White Stars & American Flag Baseball and Softball Bat Grip Tape
  • White Stars & American Flag Baseball and Softball Bat Grip Tape
  • White Stars & American Flag Baseball and Softball Bat Grip Tape
  • White Stars & American Flag Baseball and Softball Bat Grip Tape
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Stars & American Flag Bat Grip Tape

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Who makes an American Made Bat Grip or American Flag Bat Tape?

The world's first USA Themed, American Flag Bat Grip! No other company in world, as of 2020, has provided an American Made AND American Themed grip or tape!


Is there a difference between bat tape and a bat grip?

Some baseball and softball players may think there is a difference between grip and tape! Well, to be honest, in the baseball and softball worlds before 2016, there was a big difference! Players would always assume that bat wraps or grip tape were too thick, too bulky and going to get in the way. Then, some players believed that athletic tape or hockey stick tape were the only tape alternatives to put on baseball or softball bats. So, the issue with those were the durability and effectiveness in different conditions! In the summer of 2016, VukGripz decided to make a hybrid! Baseball Bat Grip Tape used as a softball bat grip in any weather, while increasing your performance!


What is the Best Bat Tape or Product to Put onto a Baseball or Softball Bat Handle?

At the beginning of this awesome creating, we always believe that VukGripz was the best product to increase the friction between your hands and the bat! Another reason we believed is because we had the only product that was Made in the USA! So, we tested this for ours! We believed that our American Flag Bat Grips are the best USA Bat Grips in the all of baseball and softball! From our thin design to our unmatched, premium friction benefits, we now KNOW that VUK is the best! The best example for this is our Vaseline baseball grip tape/softball grip tape test done on YouTube! Click Here to see the craziness!


Do Your Parents Wish They Could be Part of the Fun?

Parents want to swag out just as much as you do! There playing days are over and they moved onto a new sport! Well, have them checkout our Stars & Flags Tennis Overgrip! It also works as a pickleball grip too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Tyler Kellmann
Best bat grip hands down

Nothing compares to Vukgripz when it comes to bat grips. Always my go to

Adam Weeks
Love the function, wish the color would hold

Both my sons love the feel of Vukgripz which is all that really matters; however, this particular White Stars and Stripes grip was picked out by my 9 year old specifically to match his Marucci Pastime bat color-scheme. He loves it. However, after only two games and three practices, the red and blue stars and flag prints have almost completely faded. It's just an off-white grip now. Still a great grip as far as function, but the aesthetics of it are gone. This also happened with his grey and black Vukgripz. Not a huge deal, except that this one was picked out specifically for the pattern.

Cory Mizenko

Awesome product. My son will not put any other grip on his bat!

Lane Perrins

Love the grip and feel. Only challenge I had was avoiding the grip from rolling up when wrapping my bat. It takes some practice to get the grip to lay flat as you wrap, but when I got it right after a couple of tries, I really like it.

Joe Sutton
Vuk convert!

These grips are great, the best feel on every bat in my bag! They feel right in every condition. These are the only grips I’ll use now!