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TreadBands Loop Headbands are Great Workout Headbands!

VukGripz is proud bring you the world's 1st patented TreadBands loop headband with advanced gripping technology! These American Made headbands will prevent slip no matter the activity! These are one-size fits all headbands, so athletes will not have to ask "how to wear a headband!" Athletes can perform at their highest levels without having to worry about sweat or the headband falling off! This patented loop headbands gives users a leg up compared to Junk Headbands. Enjoy American Made Muscle straight from PA!

Unmatched Gripping Performance and Sweat Prevention!

VukGripz has many athletes in both baseball and softball. These are the top baseball headbands and softball headbands in the world! These TreadBands Loop Headbands can be worn underneath hats, helmets and visors because of the patented gripping technology used on the inside! And, athletes do not need to worry about a knot in the back! These are slip-on headbands! The grip sits right above your eyebrow securing the headbands in place! Eliminate hair from coming undone or the tie headband slipping off! Plus, it will prevent sweat from getting in the eyes as well! Even for ice hockey players, these will be great hockey headbands to go under helmets, especially for goalies!

Other sports where players can benefit from this American Made Tech are as field hockey headbands, lacrosse headbands, Crossfit headbands, workout headbands, athletic headbands, everyday headbands, and for everyday use! Athletes want to perform at their highest level every second they are on the field, court or rink. So, pick VukGripz TreadBands Loop Headband to give you one less thing to worry about! Compete in the harshest conditions without worry!

The World's #1 Adjustable Headband!

"How to wear a headband" use to be a popular question. But, with VukGripz TreadBands being a tie back, these are extremely easy to adjust! Simply untie it, place the grip on your forehead above the eyebrows, and tie to your fit! Also, our breathable material is very stretchy! So, this provides unmatched fit and comfort! You can have a white tie headband, black headband, or pick from one the 10+ colors available! 

TreadBands Loop Headbands: Custom Headbands

Custom headbands are available! Please contact us at to get more details! Also, custom headbands will be available in our Tie Headbands as well!

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