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How to Grip a Bat

In this blog, we will go over some key details on how to grip a bat and softball bat! Proper bat gripping is key to having great success in these sports. Having the wrong hold on your bat can lead to missed opportunities at the plate. We will also discuss some tools that can help with gripping the bat!

How to Grip a Baseball Bat

The question of "How to grip a baseball bat", is popular among parents.  Baseball seems like a pretty simple sport. Catch it; throw it; and hit it! But, in order to do those things, proper technique is needed from the start So, the fundamentals are key! Whether it is a throwing progression or learning the footwork for a ground ball like right-left-catch-right-left-throw, players need great fundamentals at the beginning to achieve higher success. We wish it was as easy as just "choke and poke," or "grab it and swing," but gripping the bat does take a bit more than that.

The first place for any player to start, whether it is baseball or softball, is to hold the bat correctly. Kids are typically always taught to line up their "knocking knuckles."  This technique also works for a right handed hitter or a left handed hitter! To properly grip a bat, just grab the handle with the bat grip on it, and see where the bat sits in your hands!

One way to see if it is a proper baseball bat grip is to see if the bat is "back in your hand." This term refers to the bat being deep in the area between the top hand's index finger and thumb. If it is this is a good place to start, but ultimately, you will want the bat to be in the hitters fingers and out of the deep part of the hands!

What If That Doesn't Feel Natural?

This is a great question! Some people may say that however their player picks up the bat, must be the correct way. Now, we do not want people to get bogged down with the idea that the knuckles have to be exactly lined up. Most players will fluctuate a half inch or so, in either direction. But, more than that will need some coaching. Sometimes, change and being uncomfortable for a little while may seem like a step backward. However, a proper baseball bat grip or softball bat grip will allow you to grow faster! You will not see any MLB players gripping the bat with their "punching knuckles" lined up.

For starters, this form would be extremely uncomfortable! It would also be extremely hard to swing the bat. The most powerful way to hit a baseball is to be quick and short. Your hands have to be in a great position in order to make the right move to the baseball or softball. If you are overcompensating one way or another, your body will naturally try to compensate. This compensation will be an out-and-around type of swing or even a "dip" type of bat path. So, the alignment of your knocking knuckles allows for your hands, wrist and arms to be in the best position possible. Players can feel the alignment along with being able to check it by visually seeing it. Each player needs to be accountable for his or her own swing and learning how to grip a bat. Having to rely on mom, dad or a coach will slow you down.

What Products can I use to Help with this: ProHitter Batting Aid & the Thumb-Per Batting Thumb Guard

You will see many MLB players use a tool called a "ProHitter!" The reason for this tool for this level of athlete is not because they do not know how to align their knuckles up. It is used for two reasons:

  1. To get the bat out of the "deep area" of the hand to help protect against getting jammed from hard pitching.
  2. To get the bat into the fingers and gain more leverage during the swing.

This simple, yet ingenious piece of rubber has changed many players careers! And, it all has to do with how to grip a baseball bat! It will help prevent sting when a player gets jammed. This is especially true when they are facing hard pitching. Taking a 98 mph fastball off the handle numerous times does tend to hit the same spot off the top hand. The ProHitter helps eliminate that sting while providing more leverage!

Another product similar to the Pro Hitter Batting Aid is the baseball thumb guard by Thumb-Per. This product goes around the thumb and covers both the inside palm and outer hand. No matter how the bat moves, it will still stay on that ProHitter Grip. We are excited to announce that we will be carrying this batting thumb guard to compliment the best bat grip in the game! Click here to snag a baseball thumb ring! Both of the products are great and will help players hold the bat naturally out in their fingers with the knocking knuckles lining up.

Do Batting Grips or Batting Tapes Help?

This is a great area to assist with players of all ages to have a proper baseball bat grip or softball bat grip. We recently saw a list that reviewed "The 6 Best Bat Grips of 2020!" On this list were products such as Lizard Skin Bat Grip Tape, Vulcan Bat Grips and some other random products from Amazon. The reviewer's list left off VukGripz! Now, we understand we may be biased as this blog is on our website, but we will describe why having a better bat tape or bat wrap can benefit you!

  • All Alternative Products
    • All bat grips have sticky, tacky coatings to enhance your hold on the bat.
    • These alternative bat tapes focus on different thicknesses to help players have a better feel.
      • This is a great idea if you remember to buy the right bat grip thickness.
      • Getting the wrong thickness may cause your feel to be off, which can affect you mentally.
    •  These products still require pine tar, stick or adhesive spray to keep that sticky feeling for hitters.
      • The consistency of the sticky, tacky coating will wear very quickly leaving players needing to search for a liquid grip boost to keep the same feel.
      • These work when the conditions are nice! But, if it is rainy, cold, too hot or even wet, those alternatives will not provide their normal benefits leaving you to search for another solution.
      • These products also add extra weight to your bat!
    • These bat tapes do add some cushion to the bat to help with sting and vibration.
      • Young players like this as they learn the proper baseball bat grip and softball bat grip!


  • Award-winning from the world's largest baseball convention in 2017!
  • It is very thin, but we use the world's best adhesive!
    • This is the only bat tape or bat grip that has edge to edge adhesive that does not get your hands sticky after use.
    • You are able to wrap a bat with an edge to edge approach or with an overlap! This is the most versatile bat grip in the world!
    • Our grip is very thin to help players have the best feel. If they wish to bulk up their bat tape to make it thick, you can apply our bat wrap over another product!
  • This is the first product to focus on Premium Friction!
    • Premium Friction is the #1 slip resistant solution in any condition! We literally test our bat grip bare- handed in water, mud, sweat, sun screen and even in Vaseline without issues! No other product can physically do that!
    • Premium Friction bat tape does not require pine tar or any grip boosts for enhancement! Our "Grippy" is built into the entire product. Alternatives only use a top coating that wears out after minimal use.
    • Hitters will now gain hand position benefits because we reduce the amount of slip that occurs during a swing! So, as we teach young hitters to grip a bat, their hands will be able to lock into the bat! This benefit will keep the consistency that all hitters need to be successful.
  • The only reusable bat grip or bat tape in the world!
    • Although this doesn't help with "how to grip a baseball bat," this is a huge benefit and money saver for parents! Do not worry about breaking bats or buying new products. VukGripz has you covered!
  • If a player has a proper baseball bat grip, then they will be able to increase their bat speed and exit velocity. If they add an exceptional product that keeps your hands locked into place during the swing, then this will increase those benefits even more!
    • A big focus on holding the bat correctly is grip pressure. You do not want to choke the bat. The overall goal is to grip lighter, while holding tighter! This increases relaxation and fluidity within the swing. Having the proper products on your handle will increase your performance!