Ways to improve your lacrosse skills

Ways to Improve your Lacrosse Skills

Lacrosse is a great team sport to get involved in.  Lacrosse requires a great deal of athleticism.  Both coordination and agility are important skills to excel. 

Lacrosse games are fast-paced and full of action.  The game requires long sprints up and down the field, with accurate passing and receiving with a lacrosse stick needed.   

Men and women play under slightly different rules.  The men’s lacrosse rules allow a certain degree of stick and body contact, whereas that is limited during women’s games. 

Ways to Improve your Lacrosse Skills- Research

Familiarizing yourself with the rules and gameplay is necessary to improving your lacrosse skills. Even if you are not going to play a certain position, you should learn about all of them to help you perform better. 

The four main positions are attackers, midfielders, defensemen and goalie.  Each team sends out one goalie, three defensemen, three midfielders, and three attackmen.  Ten players are on the field at once. 

Once you are familiar with the positions and gameplay, you can determine which role fits your abilities the best.  If you can determine what you excel at, you will most likely improve your lacrosse skills. 

If you would like to improve your lacrosse skills, you should try to watch as many games as possible to get insight into effective game play.  Breaking down film and mentally absorbing and analysing gameplay is quite helpful at improving lacrosse skills.  

Way To Improve Your Lacrosse Skills- Practice

Once you pick a position to play, you can start focusing on practicing and perfecting those skills.  The five basic ball skills are scooping, catching, passing, cradling and shooting.  Every player should practice these extensively. 

All of the positions in lacrosse can benefit from practicing ball handling.  The ball is the key to scoring and winning games, so having the ability to obtain and maintain possession of the ball is essential. 

Keeping yourself in good shape is important also.  Running up and down the field requires a high level of endurance.  Strength training can also help you to perform better in lacrosse.

There are drills for every position to help improve the specific skills that each requires.  A simple internet search returns several beneficial drills, such as cone and ladder drills, wall ball routines and ground ball fielding.

Ways to Improve Your Lacrosse Skills- Grip Tape

VukGripz lacrosse grip tape is the first to be made in the United States.  This grip tape also won FanFavorite at LaxCon in 2018.  It has unmatched performance benefits like shot speed, stick control and passing accuracy. 

Using VukGripz lacrosse grip tape to wrap your lacrosse stick will give you improved grip and control.  The better control that you can get over your lacrosse stick, the easier it will be to maneuver the way that you need to to excel at lacrosse!

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