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Traditions in Hockey

Unlike most sports that are played on solid ground, hockey is played on a slippery sheet of ice.  Hockey players have to combine speed and agility with the ability to maintain balance and control on an icy surface.  This, combined with many other factors and traditions, make hockey an exciting and endearing sport to love!

Tapping a Goalie’s Pads

Tapping a goalie’s pads before the start of a game is an awesome tradition that showcases what a team sport hockey really is.  Almost every player on the team will skate to the goalie and tap him on his pads.  This is both for good luck, and to let everyone know that the goalie is ready for whatever action they bring!  The goalie is also the first player to step onto the ice.  This move establishes him as the team leader as it enters battle.

Traditional music

Traditional music at a hockey game involves an organ.  It is used to lead crowd chants and add to the experience.  The organ has a distinct and reverberating sound that lends itself to enhance the mood of sporting events and it certainly does so for hockey games.

The Zamboni

The Zamboni is the machine used to clean the ice and resurface it so that it is smooth and ready for more game play.  It has become an iconic part of watching a hockey game.  


Hockey is such a crazy, awesome sport, that throwing octopi onto the ice has become a tradition.  There are even octopus throwing tips- boil your octopus with lemon and white wine for twenty minutes to reduce the smell and increase it’s bounceability on the ice.

Tapping of the Sticks 

With heavy gloves on, there is not much of a way for players to clap during a game.  Instead of applauding with their hands, players will tap their sticks on the ice to show their approval! Similarly, when a team scores a goal, players on that team will raise their sticks in the air in a show of success.

Taping Your Stick

Taping your stick is a tradition that almost every player follows differently.  Since it boils down to personal preference, there are many variations in hockey stick taping execution.  Regardless of how you tape your stick, VukGripz hockey tape offers a superior grip.  VukGripz products are made in the USA, and are both waterproof and reusable. 


Most fans of hockey are also fans of the aggressive nature of the sport.  Fighting between teams is a part of the game.  Many hockey fans look forward to the moment the gloves come off and punches start to be thrown.  Hockey is the only one of the four major North American professional sports that doesn’t eject players for fighting.

Throwing Hats 

Throwing hats on the ice after a hat trick is another unique tradition in hockey.  Scoring three goals in a game, a hat trick, is a great accomplishment.  This is celebrated by fans throwing their hats onto the rink in celebration and is a great experience for fans!

Sudden Death Play

Sudden death overtime is unique to hockey.  There are not many more heated and exciting events in sports than a sudden death overtime.  The game can end at any time, and this creates an intense experience for fans.

Hockey is full of traditions, superstitions and history.  The players are passionate and driven.  More than any other sport, the players have the ability to control the game.  They can speed up or slow the game down, and change the dynamics through aggressive play or fights. 

Hockey offers non-stop action.  Unlike most other professional sports, there are no mandated breaks during the game.  This offers fans fast paced and action packed game play that is unrivaled by other sports.

Hockey fans are a passionate and devoted group.  The many traditions create a sense of community and dedication that sets the sport apart from others.