Red VukGripz hockey stick tape

Tips for Taping Your Hockey Stick

There is no wrong or right way to tape a hockey stick.  Most hockey players learn how to wrap their stick from another player or coach.  Trial and error through years of playing usually results in players developing their own personal preferences when wrapping their hockey stick. 

Many athletes are superstitious about their pre-game habits.  For hockey players, that superstition usually includes the ritual of taping their stick.  VukGripz hockey tape gives you the best grip for your stick. All VukGripz products are also made in the USA, so purchasing them helps to support fellow Americans! 

Tips for Taping Your Hockey Stick- Prevent Damage

One of the main reasons for taping a hockey stick is to protect the blade from damage. Most hockey players use sticks made from composite materials.  Carbon fiber is the most commonly used, but some are made of fiberglass, wood or other materials.  

Quality hockey sticks can become quite expensive.  Using VukGripz hockey tape on the blade of your stick can help to protect from and even prevent damage.  

Wrapping your hockey stick around the length of the blade, or at least the middle, gives your stick some protection from being hit by other players' sticks or from the impact of the puck. If you do develop a crack in your blade, grip tape can help to prevent it from worsening. 

Tips for Taping Your Hockey Stick- Improve control

As you are wrapping the blade, try and create a cushioned area for your stick to receive the puck easily.  Make sure to wrap your tape evenly and smoothly, while pulling it tight to eliminate any loss of control when receiving or passing the puck. 

When you wrap the shaft of your hockey stick, you want to create additional grip and texture to give you more control.  VukGripz advanced technology allows you to “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter”.  This allows players to have more fluid movements, since they aren’t having to concentrate on an intense grip. 

Using VukGripz hockey tape to create a knob at the top of the stick can give you some added control over the stick.  You’ll need to wrap your grip tape around about twenty times depending on what size knob you would like to create on your stick.  This helps to give players an added barrier from losing grip on their hockey stick.  

Tips for Taping Your Hockey Stick- Tape Details

You will want to make sure that you are only using a grip tape that is made for sports.  Certain kinds of tape can leave sticky residue, unravel, or become slippery when wet.  VukGripz hockey tape is both waterproof and reusable.  It offers you improved grip regardless of temperature or weather.  

Ideally, you should re-tape your hockey stick before every game.  You should make sure that you cut away any old tape, and scrape away any residue that remains.  This gives you a fresh surface to create a seamless new tape job.  

When is comes to color, sticking with white or black is the best option.  Black can help the puck blend in with your blade, and make it hard for defensemen to see your movements.  White can blend in with the ice, and make it difficult for goalies to gauge your shots. 

Tips for Taping your Hockey Stick- Choosing VukGripz

No matter why or how you tape your hockey stick, you should be using VukGripz to do it.  

The award winning technology offers a superior grip that will enhance your control and performance. 

VukGripz hockey tape offers additional grip far longer than its competitors products. It will help you have better stick control, and your shot speed and passing will be more explosive  because your body isn’t working as hard to grip.  

Using VukGripz hockey tape will give you the best grip advantage that you can have during your next hockey game!