The VukGripz System of its Bat Grip Tape and Batting Gloves!

The VukGripz System Provides Unmatched Gripping Power in Wet or Cold

VukGripz System - Grip and Gloves

VukGripz has provided a grip and glove system that allows athletes to get the best grip on their sports equipment. The advanced performance VukGripz system even allows athletes to maintain their grip in wet, moist, and cold conditions by providing 270% more friction/grip in those conditions compared to traditional batting gloves with bat grips.

  • Moisture or Wet Conditions:

    • Moisture affects many products on the market negatively. Pine tar, tar stick, popular name brand grips, popular name brand gloves, dirt and even chalk do not perform consistently in tough moisture present conditions. Most of those products get slippery, which cause athletes to lose focus on their goals. Goals like trying to hit a baseball, or swing a racket, or grip a club. Pine Tar, tar stick, chalk or dirt may even wash away in moist conditions. Reapplying those products in moist conditions can be a challenge. With VukGripz, its grips and gloves do not absorb moisture or wash away when moisture comes in contact. Leather grips tend to hold moisture which causes those grips to be wet until those have dried out (not the best scenario during a double header). With VukGripz grips, you can wipe off your bat grip with a towel and get rid of the moisture. You can even swing with the moisture still on the grip. Its that good!
  • Cold Conditions:

    • We all have played in really, really cold conditions before. It's hard to hold onto your bat, racket, or club because your hands are cold. Your fingers start to hurt. Then, you start to go numb. In cold conditions, pine tar or tar stick may not even work. Those products may harden and not be able to be applied to a piece of equipment until it becomes softer/heated up. Normal grips and gloves tend to help with the cold weather by providing some protection from the elements. Cold hands in stiff gloves on a stiff grip don't offer a great solution. Especially, while trying to hold onto a bat or club. Athletes using the VukGripz system will not have to worry about cold conditions. Athletes will be able to "Grip Lighter, Hold Tighter" in those conditions because the system works with one another. Gripping lighter and holding tighter also allows relief on athletes hands and grip. Athletes now can regain the ability to have a great grip on their equipment that is easier on their whole body, while providing increased performance.
  • Direct Sunlight/Extreme Heat:

    • Direct sunlight does not cause VukGripz grips or gloves to falter. Pine tar will tend to become more of a grip nuisance than a grip solution. When exposed to heat or sunlight, tar tends to run and get all over things you may not have wanted it on like clothes or your hands. If dirt comes in contact with tar in this state, it just becomes more of a mess by getting all "gunked up" and chunky. With extreme heat comes perspiration. Whether athletes use gloves or their bare hands, sweat still tends to cause some trouble. Humid environments will cause the gloves to absorb the sweat, which then cause the gloves to become slippery. If your hand become sweaty, your grip is toast. With VukGripz, both the gloves and grip can be the wet and athletes will not slip with this system. Even if your bare hands are sweaty, using VukGripz grips with your bare hands will help eliminate slipping.
  • VukGripz System Eliminates:

    • Pine Tar
    • Tar Stick
    • Chalk
    • Dirt
    • Spray