Slow Pitch Softball Pitching Styles

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In slow-pitch softball, there are a number of pitching styles used. All of the varied pitching styles make an effort to reduce the speed that the ball is thrown.  The differences come from how high or how low they pitch and what hand position is used when throwing it.

The underhand fastball pitcher tries to make the ball go the same distance as a fastball pitcher in baseball. This kind of motion is similar to an underhand throw, which makes it easier for the body to control the ball's direction and speed, but the arm strength required increases its chances of injury.

Slow Pitch Softball- Fastballs

The sidearm fastball pitcher throws balls at a higher speed than their counterpart above-hand fastball pitcher. The arm motion is similar to that of a sidearm throw in tennis, making it faster for the player to deliver the ball across the plate.

There are two types of this pitch: four-seam fastball and two-seam fastball, both throwing the ball fairly low so there is little chance for error.  Four-seam fastball pitchers hold the ball with all four seams, while a two-seam fastball pitcher seizes it between their index and middle fingers.

Slow Pitch Softball- Curveballs

The overhand curveball is thrown slower than a fastball but faster than other pitches, which makes it difficult for batters to make good contact at the plate. The wrist is kept loose while holding onto the ball, creating unpredictable movement which confuses batters.

The sidearm curveball is thrown with the arm sideways, like a sidearm throw in tennis, usually coming towards home plate on an arc. This pitch has many advantages, as it takes less time to make the motion. It also makes it harder for the batter to hit since they can't predict the movement. This pitch is more difficult to control, so it is not without drawbacks. Many pitchers choose not to use this type of delivery because of its difficulty and inaccuracy.

Slow Pitch Softball- Knuckleballs

The overhand knuckleball is thrown with the knuckles to make the ball move unpredictably side-to-side, making it a favorite for pitchers who want a pitch that is hard to hit.

The underhand knuckleball follows the same technique as its overhand counterpart, but it goes downward in a corkscrew motion. This makes it difficult for batters because from the side, it will look like a fastball, but from behind the pitcher, it will move downward.

Slow Pitch Softball- Screwballs

The underhand screwball also spins toward home plate in a corkscrew motion, making it difficult for batters to react at the last minute and hit well. The ball moves away from right-handed batters and toward left-handed ones.

Slow Pitch Softball- Batting Gloves

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