Demonstrating short girp hit in ice hockey using VukGripz hockey stick tape to wrap around hockey stick

Importance of Short Grip Hit in Ice Hockey

Proper hand position in grip plays a significant role while playing hockey. In-game, there are basic grip styles, and you should adjust them according to your comfort level. Good grip helps improve your success and performance level. 

All players should learn and practice handling hockey sticks. Good grip can improve accuracy, speed, and passing the puck to other players.  Players usually grip according to their style and comfort level. 

The most effective way to improve your grip on your hockey stick is by using VukGripz hockey stick tape.  Hockey tape is essential to performing well in hockey.  Players use hockey grip tape to increase the friction between their hand and their hockey stick.  

Short grip hit is also known as a choke hit or wrist shot. A short grip hit gives excellent results in a high pressure situation.  When the opponent and puck are very close, the players cannot use the wide swing.  In this situation, they need the speed of the puck and want to move the puck powerfully and quickly. 

  • Hockey Hand Movements

The players bring the left hand six inches down and move the right hand up, so both hands are together on the stick, causing a short grip. In short grip hits, the players keep both hands together on the hockey stick and concentrate their force, increasing the hit power.

  • Hockey Footwork Movements

The short grip hit takes a combination of footwork by taking the left foot away from the puck.  They have space to turn and hit the puck. Short grip hit makes your stick quicker, and it means the players can move the hockey stick more quickly for back and front swing.

  • Use of Wrist In Hockey

This type of grip carries the puck faster.  The players use their wrist instead of rotating hands, and the wrist moves and shoots the puck speedily. The players also shift their direction or bend one or both legs. If an opposing player is directly in front of you, you should avoid using it.

  • Use of Flat Part of Hockey Stick

The ball position is not far away from the body, so hit the ball with the flat part of the stick. When hitting the ball, the player should balance their body or bend the front leg and not hit the hockey edges. 

  • Eyes on the Hockey Puck

The players should keep their eyes on the puck to hit it with accuracy and have better control over it. It is easier to handle the puck with the short grip hit, and there is better control of the player on the puck..

  • Bent Position of Legs in Hockey

The players take the bent position of legs or move to a side for balance and quickly move the puck to the target position. 

The short grip hit works in a short time, with more power, and has a faster swing in a reduced time. It helps to take the puck from the circle of the opponent's players. The players have better control over the puck due to less inertia of their hands. This grip creates a balance of body and better visual clarity than a normal Grip. Short grip hits require less time by reducing the backswing time. It helps to make quick hits, creating faster swings with more accuracy.