Announcing the Official Bat Grip of Perfect Game! This is the 1st Perfect Game Bat Grip or Bat Tape ever!

Perfect Game Partnership Announcement: The Official Perfect Game Bat Grip

Partnership Announcement: Official Perfect Game Bat Grip

It all started with an investment from a sister! Now, VukGripz is the first Official Perfect Game Bat Grip! Things for VukGripz have definitely changed from the beginning! When we started VukGripz, we were looking to help make the game of baseball and softball better with our bat grips and batting gloves. We didn’t just want to do the same thing other companies had done before. But, to actually make an impact on improving player performance! Also, we wanted to create a product that gave the players an actual competitive advantage. An advantage so strong that players are achieving better success in the batter's box!

Starting in November 2020, we had the opportunity to bring our Award-Winning, "Best of Show" bat grips into the biggest baseball showcase in the world: Perfect Game! We embarked on a journey in 2017 with our first, full year in business! To be able to bring a product awarded at the ABCA (World's largest baseball convention) to the largest showcase and scouting organization in the world seems like the right fit!

Best Gripping Products + The Top Showcase and Tournament Organization in the World

In partnering with Perfect Game, we have come to help deliver the greatest bat grips in the world. The greatest bat tape now has an opportunity to assist athletes in tournaments and showcases! These opportunities decide the future of America’s elite prep baseball players. So, it is important for those athletes to get the most out of their muscles! We achieved our goal by designing the exclusive Perfect Game Bat Tape! VukGripz is also practical too! It's reusable on any bat! This is great for saving money and maintaining performance no matter what!

We’ve proven in conjunction with the MLB that VukGripz products have an immediate impact on improving performance! Areas like bat speed and bat control are two major impacted areas! So, if we can improve those two performance metrics, that means better performance! Increases in exit velocities, more hits, and greater potential for homeruns is what every hitter wants to hear! In 2019, MLB infielder, Eric Sogard (Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays), used our products the entire year! Out of his 9 year career, he established new career highs in Exit Velocity, Home Runs, Slug. %, Barrels, Batted Balls, Barrel %, Hits along with many more! Click here to see the MLB Statcast stats on Eric’s performance when using VukGripz Bat Grips and Batting Gloves!

In short, we have the chance to help change the future of baseball and softball. Perfect Game has become synonymous with elite baseball! And, by choosing VukGripz as an official bat grip partner, we can continue to support that next generation of elite baseball and softball across the country!

American Made and Unlike Any Other!

VukGripz products are crafted here in the United States! We did this in order to provide premium materials, premium manufacturing, and premium performance by everyone who uses these! This is the 1st and only American Made Bat Grip in the world! Again, it only makes sense that two home grown companies partner up to help take athletes to the next level!

That was one of many goals of CEO and Founder RJ Vukovich:

“As I was playing professionally, I was able to develop my own products along the way. Little did I know where it would take me. But, I knew I had to be involved in baseball! I know my playing days may came to an end. And, I also knew the issues that I faced as a player. I spent years designing a revolutionary gripping material that truly impacts performance instantly! And, this is why I felt it was a perfect match to partner with Perfect Game! The highest caliber of talent takes place at Perfect Game Showcases and Perfect Game Tournaments. So, I am honored to help make good prospects into great prospects! And, I am able to make elite prospects perform at a higher level as they compete for a new opportunity!”

Players nationally can already begin finding VukGripz products on the Perfect Game's website at! And, on top of their website, we plan on attending numerous events throughout 2021! Purchase the exclusive Perfect Game Bat Grips along with our entire Bat Grip Collection today!

Looking forward:

“The last year has been an exciting one for VukGripz! Expanding and growing our team to elevate athlete performance using our products is a different kind of feeling! So, we can’t wait! There are even more exciting opportunities like our exploding Perfect Game Bat Grip Tape in 2021!”

VukGripz offers a range of Award-Winning products throughout it’s online store and continues to expand into new markets. So with a range of offerings for the elite baseball player, VukGripz continues to grow into the premiere company! We will continue to bring our elite baseball batting grip, batting gloves and equipment to players everywhere!