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Bat Tape, Batting Gloves and Philosophy! Your new approach to increasing your performance with VukGripz! - Great Title!

When a coach asks you to give 100% effort, do you try to give 200%? Let's face it! We have all been there! We start trying too hard and our performance begins to go down the drain. Whether it's because we get too tense or stiff. Or panic with the game on the line. Or just freak out because we are so amped up.. WE can actually TRY TOO HARD! Hard to believe, right? If you can think about particular times that this has occurred to you, what was the one thing your coach, teammate, friend or parent told you to do that always seemed to work? Hmm...

The Philosophy:

That's right! They all said the same thing: RELAX! Playing relaxed is one of the easiest, but yet most difficult things to do in sports, and in life. Sometimes we find ourselves trying so hard to impress a coach/scout that day. Or, don't forget about trying to show off for that special someone in the stands! Trying too hard causes our performance to suffer. Bad performance equals not much fun. Here are the main areas that negatively affect your performance from TRYING TOO HARD:

  • Playing Stiff or Tense - We lose range of motion, flexibility and the ability to have fluid motions because our muscles are tense and are under constant stress. Performance declines because your body does not function in that state effectively and efficiently like it does when you have "ice in your veins!"
  • Focus - Our focus changes from accomplishing the mission we have been working all week in practice for to trying to do more than we can. This is a constant failure in baseball and softball. Everyone wants to be the hero! Why? Because its awesome! But, sometimes all it takes is for that one player to do his or her job during that one at bat that could win the game for their team. This leads to the next point...
  • Doing the Little Things - the little things are not sexy and do not end up on t-shirts or on ESPN! It could be bunting a teammate to second, or setting a strong pick and rolling the right way, or knowing your roll when running a particular play. Many times, it goes unnoticed by the common spectator. But, it does not go unnoticed when the team wins the game! What if being relaxed was the difference between being the hero or thinking about that last at bat you didn't come through on the rest of the night?

Try Easier!

We have all been there and have TRIED TOO HARD. Sometimes it is really hard to just "try easier," especially with the game on the line. Now, what if I told you that VukGripz offers products that provide athletes with an ability to adopt a new playing philosophy? Would you believe it? Would it be easier to understand if I said that VukGripz Bat Tape and Batting Gloves can provide athletes with a "mental coach" reminding them that they can now relax when they swing?

Performance Benefits of the batting tape and batting gloves!

VukGripz Performance Bat Grips and Batting Gloves not only come with American Made Grip Technology that is above the competition, but these performance bat grips and batting gloves also come with the VukGripz Philosophy of "Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!" Other top name brand products are out there that help athletes increase their performance like other batting gloves or bat tape. But, there is always a catch with those products. For example:

  • What if it is wet outside? Will my bat tape work?
  • What if it is cold?
  • What if it is early in the morning and their is moisture in the air? Will my hands slip with my bat tape and batting gloves?
  • What if my products get sweaty?
  • What if I ripped my only pair of batting gloves, will the bat tape be able to perform without using my gloves?
  • Its cold outside, will pine tar or stick work?

With VukGripz, athletes can allow VukGripz products to work for and with them all the time, not only if the weather is nice out! VukGripz has proven, along with customer feedback and a major Fortune 500 Company, that these products can provide all athletes with the ability to relax, no matter the time of day, weather conditions or if there is a big opponent!

How can VukGripz achieve better results?

By increasing grip/friction with VukGripz bat tape and batting gloves, athletes now gain the ability to focus even more on the task ahead of them and not how hard they have to hold onto the bat. Increasing grip/friction allows athletes to not lose energy during their swing. With popular name brand products, many times during use there is a little bit of slip or loss of energy. With our "slip resistant" features of our American Made Technology, athletes will experience more energy being transferred during the swing, than if they were using other products.

It's not fun facing a pitcher throwing 94mph with a hammer. Or, facing a pitcher with a ridiculous rise ball in their back pocket. Imagine that on top of losing a little energy with the $60 pair of batting gloves you just bought and your popular brand grip. With VukGripz, it will become easier with its products because you can relax your body more by relaxing your grip!

Sum it up...

VukGripz knows that this philosophy it has developed is something that may be hard to understand.  Knowing and accepting that grip tape and batting gloves can change a player's performance that much might sound a bit sketchy, at first! Being open-minded and willing to allow yourself to try something out of the box is hard, we all get that! And, perhaps VukGripz products are not for everyone. But, if something is scientifically proven and has been tested at the highest level of competition while earning an award that is recognized around the world, wouldn't it be worth trying something new? #vukgripz #batgrips #battape #battinggloves #system #grips #grip #noslip #americanmade #vukpack #doyourresearch #learn #try #win