black field hockey grip during field hockey game player in red shinguards playing offense

How to Improve Field Hockey Skills

Field hockey is a fast paced, contact sport that requires a high level of athletic ability.  The better shape you are in, and the more you train, the better you will perform.  There are several things that you can do to improve your field hockey skills. 

Field hockey requires you to have great aerobic endurance so that you can play with consistent effort, speed and agility during the entire game. Sprints, and cardiovascular workouts will help your ability to stay at peak performance during a game. 

Weight training is another good place to start for most sports.  The stronger that you are, the more force you will be able to use within your sport.  Weight training can help you to reach the skill level that you desire.  By increasing your anaerobic fitness through weight training, you can play at higher intensities before your body slows down.  If you have more endurance, your field hockey skill set will have more of an ability to be showcased. 

Both aerobic and anaerobic exercising will help you improve your field hockey skills. No matter what workout you are using to train for field hockey, you want to make sure that you do a warm-up and cool down before and after your training sessions.  This will help to ensure that your workout is effective, and to help prevent injury.  

For younger players, you want to find a good balance when working out.  There is a fine line between training hard, and pushing yourself beyond your limits. When weight training, you want to take at least two days off to allow your body to recover. If you have an injury or any localized pain that lasts more than a couple days, you should seek treatment from a medical professional. 

If you are trying to improve your field hockey skills, and not just your athleticism, you should try doing some drills.   Drills can specifically target things that will make you a better field hockey player.  

Any drills that focus on agility will directly benefit your field hockey skills.  Working on your lateral movements will help you to make plays in a field hockey game, by increasing your ability to outmaneuver other players. If they can’t anticipate your movements, or can’t keep up with you, you will have an advantage on the field.   

Practicing hitting and trapping the field hockey ball are two essential skills that need to be mastered to become a great field hockey player.  You can practice these skills easily at home or in any gym that has a wall that you can hit off of.  You can also practice dribbling a ball between cones to improve your field hockey ball handling skills.  

To improve your hitting accuracy, you can practice aiming at a cone.  When handling your field hockey stick, having a correct and good grip is essential.  Using VukGripz field hockey grip tape to wrap your field hockey stick is a great way to improve your grip. With an increased and effective grip, you will be able to have much better control of your stick and make more efficient plays.  

There are many things that you can do to improve your field hockey skills.  Cardiovascular workouts, weight training and skill drills are all effective ways to become a better field hockey player.  No matter what training methods you choose, always make sure that you being safe and healthy!