How To Grip A Golf Club

How To Grip A Golf Club

How To Grip A Golf Club- The Basics

If you play golf, you know how important it is to have a good grip on your golf club.  Your grip can actually affect your golf game.  If you are new to playing golf, you should definitely plan on spending lots of time practicing both driving and putting.  Good grip on your golf club is essential to having maximum control while playing golf. 

There are several different ways to grip a golf club.  For one of the most commonly used ways,  there are several steps you will take.

  1. Grip the club with your left hand
  2. Curl your pinkie ring and middle fingers on your left hand around the grip
  3. Move your pointer finger and thumb on your left hand over the grip
  4. Place your right hand on the club, with your right pinky crossing over your left pointer knuckle.
  5. Move your ring and middle finger on your right hand around the grip
  6. Put your palm over the left thumb and url your right pointer finger around the grip
  7. Move your right thumb just to the left of the grip.

How To Grip A Golf Club- Alternate Methods

If this grip does not feel natural or comfortable for you, you can use the 10-finger or baseball grip.  For this grip, you place both hands on the golf club so that there is no space between the fingers of your two hands.  This should produce a grip similar to how you would hold a baseball bat.   This grip is not as accurate as others, but it is a good start for beginners or young players. 

Another grip that you can try is an interlocking grip.  This is similar to the baseball grip, but you interlock your pinky fingers instead of just placing your hands side by side.  This grip is good for reducing tension and movement in your wrist.

How to Grip A Golf Club- What Works For You

The grip on your golf club should feel natural and fluid.  You should be able to smoothly swing the club, and maintain that smoothness throughout your full range of motion.  A good golf grip will help you hit the ball further, and more accurately.  

So much of a round of golf comes down to how confident, and comfortable you are while you play.  The better golf grip and control that you have, the easier it will be to perform well on the course.

How to Improve your Golf Grip

Wrapping your golf clubs with VukGripz golf grip tape will give you added control over your golf club.  This high quality golf grip tape adds unmatched premium friction.  All VukGripz products are waterproof, so you will have the same great grip even in rainy weather or with wet hands.  

An improved golf grip will give you better control over your club.  This will translate into more accurate shots and will hopefully improve your golf game!  VukGripz golf grip tape is the best for slip resistance and added performance.