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How Does Tennis Scoring Work?

Tennis is one of the most popular recreational sports and many of us may want to try it out. After we put on our favorite sportswear and we have our partner on the other side of the net, it is likely that our competitive spirit will show up.

Satisfied with our looks and all pumped up, most people would want to keep a clear record of how badly they beat their opponent. In order to do that, you will need to understand the tennis scoring system.

Unlike most sports, the tennis scoring system can be pretty complicated. If you have ever watched a tennis match with someone who knows nothing about it, you should know that the question list can be endless.

Tennis scoring is definitely unusual, but it's actually quite simple when you break it down piece by piece and point by point.  Once you get the basics down, you should have no trouble keeping track of it yourself!

How Does The Tennis Scoring System Work?

Tennis Phases: Game, Set and Match.

A game is played until a player wins at least four points and it is mandatory to win at least two more than the opponent.

The points in a game are counted as follows:

0 points = love 

1 point = 15 

2 points = 30 

3 points = 40

4 points = game 

As mentioned above, you must win a game by at least two points, so if the two sides are drawn at 40 – 40 then “deuce” is called. The winner of the next point is awarded “advantage”, and can then win the game by taking the next point or be brought back to deuce if their opponent scores. 

There is no limit in the rules to the number of times players can tie at deuce. At the end of a game, serve switches sides, and after the first, third, fifth and any subsequent odd-numbered games players should change ends too.

A set is a collection of games, played until a player wins at least six games. A player must also win by two games in order to win the set. So if a game is played to a 6-5 score in the set, then the leading player must win the next game in order to win the set.

How Does Tennis Scoring Work - Tie Breaker Rules

If a set makes it to 6-6, a tie-breaker game is played to determine a winner of the set, which will result in a 7-6 set score. In a tie-breaker, the traditional tennis scoring is not used, instead, they have the regular one, two, three and so forth. 

The first player to win seven points, with at least a two-point margin, wins the tiebreaker game, and the set. Within the tie-breaker, the first serve is taken by the player who would have served next, had the set continued. They serve first, their opponent serves the next two points, and then they swap after every two points. Ends are changed after every sixth point.  In order to win the match, a player must win two sets, in a best-of-three match, or three sets, in a best-of-five match.

In professional tennis, women always play the best-of-three matches.  In men’s tennis, it varies depending on the tournament. At the four Grand Slams and the Davis Cup, men play in best-of-three matches. 

Once you learn the basics, it is easy to understand how the tennis scoring system works. Understanding tennis scoring can help you enjoy the game more, and improve your performance!

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