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Choosing a Field Hockey Stick

Field hockey is a great sport to be involved in.  The lessons learned can last a lifetime.  Field hockey revolves around teamwork and communication, and these are great skills to learn. It is a great game for any age or skill level.  

Kids as young as six and seven can play in peewee leagues.  Kids from eight to eleven play in the midget category.  The junior category is kids ten to twelve.  Once kids pass this age, they are in the school programs category.  This includes all field hockey players from twelve to eighteen, and includes hockey programs and school sports.  Between the different age groups, there are slight changes in length of game times. 

The most important piece of equipment for field hockey is your stick.  There are many different stick options for you to choose from, so you should do your research before you buy. 

As far as length, the field hockey stick should come to the top of your hip bone.  This can vary slightly depending on the player’s personal preference.  The lengths are usually between 24 and 38 inches.  A field hockey stick that is longer can help a player to improve their reach, and a shorter stick can help them to improve their stick handling skills. 

After you decide on a length, you will need to decide on a weight.  Lighter field hockey sticks are for players who focus on offense, and heavier field hockey sticks are generally for defensive players.  The weight usually varies from 535 grams to 680 grams. 

The materials that you would like for your field hockey stick also have to be chosen.  Carbon, aramid, fiberglass, and wood are the four different types of materials used for sticks.  Wooden sticks are good for controlling the ball when dribbling and receiving.  They are also usually the least expensive option, and are a good choice for beginners. More advanced and older players often choose a combination, or composite of materials.

The bow is the slight bend that you see from the handle to the toe of the field hockey stick.  There are three main tpes of bows- regular, mega and low.  Regular bows are good for general play, and will help with ball control as well as advanced handling moves.  Mega bows are for more advanced field hockey players and low bows are for top level players. 

When you are choosing the toe shape of your field hockey stick, there are four different types to consider.  You can choose a shorti, midi, maxi or hook toe shape.  The level of curve on your stick changes the way a player can hit the ball and handle their stick. A smaller toe can give you added agility but it will also limit your power.  A larger toe can limit your agility, but give you increased power. 

No matter what type of stick you decide on, wrapping it with VukGripz field hockey grips will improve your grip and control. Depending on personal preference, you can wrap the entire field hockey stick or just the top half.  VukGripz will give you added friction that helps you grip lighter and hold tighter, even in cold and wet conditions!