Bat Grip Tape- The VUK Edge

Bat Grip Tape- The VUK Edge

Most baseball players are aware that there are many factors that affect your performance.  Natural talent and hardwork will still bring your output to a plateau at some point. If you’ve hit that spot and are finding it hard to increase your batting average and statistics, you should look into an equipment tweak that is sure to level you up. 

VukGripz  are an American made product that are touted as the #1 slip resistant bat grip.  Using  VukGripz batting grip tape to wrap your bat will give you an extra advantage while batting.  VukGripz has developed a bat grip tape that focuses on grippy, as opposed to sticky.  This subtle difference in production offers a huge difference in function. 

VukGripz are also the only reusable bat grip tape on the market. Once applied to your bat, you can remove and use it on any other bat, hockey stick, tennis racket or sporting equipment that you need. It is easy to apply and won’t move until you want it to! 

The VUK Edge

With a dedication to being great, comes the necessity of practicing for long hours. This can mean practicing in all types of weather. The VukGripz system allows athletes to maintain their grip in moist, wet, and cold conditions.  This means that no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, you will be prepared with the most effective bat grip tape possible!

VukGripz baseball bat grips do not absorb moisture.  Through rain or sweat, all you need to do is wipe your bat grip off with a towel.  VukGripz are so unaffected by water that you will still get the same great grip even while wet. 

VukGripz don’t harden in comparison to other bat grips in cold climates. Athletes are able to continue to grip lighter and hold tighter no matter how cold the temperature drops.  The better grip you are able to get, makes it easier on the whole body and will contribute to better performance.

In hot weather, pine tar and similar materials can become messy and distracting. If you’re playing in hot weather, and your hands are sweating, it is very easy for the bat to become slippery.  

When you’re using VukGripz, sweaty hands will no longer hurt your grip!  No matter how much water you have on your gloves or bare hands, using VukGripz will prevent your hands from slipping. 

The VUK Edge

VukGripz baseball bat grips offer a more effective and performance enhancing experience than any other bat grip on the market. VukGripz products work for you and with you, all the time.  Since you don’t need to worry about your grip, you are able to give all your focus to the most important thing- hitting the baseball!  

An effective baseball bat grip will improve your ability to hit a baseball.  The better grip you can get on a bat handle, the more power you can hit the ball with. VukGripz offers you a superior bat grip that will increase your effectiveness at the plate! Check out our baseball bat grips, batting gloves and other products at VukGripz!