Baseball player holding a baseball and baseball glove in a baseball uniform at a baseball field

Baseball- The Extra Edge

Baseball- The Extra Edge For Performance

Talent and practice are essential to performing well in sports, and baseball is no exception.  Long hours of practice, studying the game and athletic ability all translate into success.  A little luck never hurt anyone, and many baseball players believe in superstitions to help them during their games. There are many superstitions  that players, managers and fans take very seriously.

Baseball Edge- Superstitions

Some players partake in rituals before every game or practice to bring them luck.  This can include things like wearing lucky socks, eating a certain meal or kissing a necklace before playing.  

Some baseball players perform the same actions before every pitch or at bat.  This can be as simple as touching the brim of their hat or tapping their bat to the ground and as elaborate as a sequence of several actions in a row.  Baseball fans watching a game probably do not even realize how much of the movements they see are actually rituals that the player is doing for luck.

Sometimes superstitions are observed by an entire team.  If a baseball team is on a winning streak, the players might decide that they don’t want to upset that momentum.  They also might participate in the ritual or superstition to support team unity.  

Because superstitions are based in faith and not fact, it is often difficult to determine if they are actually working.  Because of this ambiguity, most players never stop following their rituals, even if they don’t seem to be working.  

Ironically, some superstitions or rituals are in direct opposition to each other.  Some baseball players make it a point to never step on the foul line, while others purposely step on it.  In general, following and believing in superstitions is spurred by a desire to influence unpredictable factors.  By participating, players believe that they can affect the outcome that they desire more easily.  

Alternatives to Superstitions

If you don’t like to leave your baseball game performance up to a special meal or lucky piece of clothing, there are some things that you can do to turn the tides of performance in your favor.  

The key to performing well is to be as prepared as possible.  When you feel mentally and physically prepared, you will be more confident in your own abilities and this usually directly translates into good game play.  Extra drills and practice as well as keeping yourself in good physical shape will help you to maintain your athleticism. 

Making sure that you are outfitted with the best baseball accessories possible will absolutely help you on game day.  VukGripz baseball bat grips  are made with award winning technology.  This bat grip tape will help your swing by adding increased friction that allows you to add fluidity to your movements.  VukGripz baseball grips are made in America and are a favorite among many professional baseball players.  The thin design is extremely durable, waterproof and will give you unmatched exit velocity while swinging!

Both of these are surefire ways to improve your performance on the baseball field.  As we said, a little luck never hurt anyone, so if you believe in the power of rituals and superstitions you should certainly keep the traditions going!