Baseball glove, baseball, and baseball trophy on a baseball outfield

Baseball Lessons- Dealing with Pressure and Failure

Baseball Lessons- Participation Trophies

In today’s day and age, a lot of people's mindset veers towards rewarding players just for showing up.  Some leagues even give out participation trophies, which doesn’t really teach any life lessons. This policy is ultimately to make all kids feel included and appreciated, but it is often causing more harm than good. 

By setting goals for kids and making them put in hard work to reach them, you are teaching kids that success is hard work.  Magic happens when kids are rewarded for goals they actually meet.  They learn that they can attain what they put their minds to.  

When kids receive trophies just for showing up, it creates a sense of entitlement that can hurt them later.  In most aspects of life, mediocre is not a desired end result.  When kids are rewarded the same way whether they win or lose, they are missing out on important lessons that they could be learning from a team sport.

Life is competitive, and people are judgmental. Later in life, when these players are entering the workforce, they will believe that they should receive things just for showing up, or doing just enough.  This is simply not the way that the world functions, and it is a disservice to kids to let them think otherwise.

Baseball Lessons- Dealing with Failure

It is not a fun topic to discuss, but learning to deal with failure is a hugely important part of team sports.  Unfortunately, life is not always easy, and being prepared to handle failure or disappointment is an important coping mechanism to have.  

For the kids who have been receiving participation trophies, the concept of losing games and not being rewarded can be a shocking feeling.  Very often, more lessons are learned from losing than from winning.  

Feeling the emotional rollercoaster of preparing for a game, only to lose, is a lot for most players to handle.  As this is a team sport, you can play a flawless game, and still lose due to errors or poor play by your teammates.  Maintaining a positive and supportive attitude is something that most people need to work on in the face of adversity.  

Baseball Lessons- Dealing with Pressure

For a lot of kids, playing with a team is one of the first times that they are performing in front of an audience.  This can put pressure on kids that they are not necessarily used to.  This can take some adjustment time, but can help to develop their character for their everyday life. 

The pressure that you experience during games is very similar to stress that you will feel in the real world.  Learning how to manage the pressure during a baseball game will require the same skills as learning how to manage the pressure of work or family life. 

Baseball Lessons- Reduce the Pressure

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