Baseball player performing baseball drills with his baseball bat while in full baseball uniform on a party cloudy day

Baseball Drills to Help You Improve Your Swing

Having a good at bat during your games is a goal of most baseball players.  Running drills at practice, or even at home is essential to improving your batting average, and can honestly make a huge difference in your skill level. 

Improve Your Swing- Timing Drills

Even if you don’t have access to a field or anyone to practice with, you can still practice timing drills.  This will help you adjust and improve your ability to react to balls thrown at different speeds.  

All you need to do is toss a baseball up in the air and swing at the appropriate time.  Throwing the ball higher in the air stimulates a slower pitch, and you’ll have more time to react and swing.  Likewise, a ball barely tossed vertically will cross your strike zone faster, requiring a quicker reaction time to hit the ball.

A pro tip is to use limited flight balls so that you’re not needing to retrieve these from too far away if you’ve hit any with good power.

Improve Your Swing- Weighted Swings

Another good drill that can dramatically improve your swing is to use a weighted training bat.  If you do not have a dedicated training bat, you can add donut weights to your normal bat. 

With this drill, you do not even need to actually hit any balls.  The objective is to swing with added force to compensate for the additional weight.  Once you remove the weight, the bat should feel easier to swing and you’ll have more force behind it. 

Improve Your Swing- Hitting Tee Swings

Try setting up a batting tee a couple feet from a hitting net or position yourself by a fence.  Continue taking full-speed swings, and aim to hit the baseball directly into the center of the net or fence each time. 

This will help you to focus on the mechanics of your swing.  like the position of your hands and feet, and how you rotate your hips to hit with more power. 

Improve Your Swing- Batting Gloves and Grip Tape

With VukGripz baseball batting gloves, and VukGripz baseball bat grip tape will both help you to have a better swing when you are at bat.  Adding these accessories will help you have a better control over the bat and allow you to grip lighter and hold tighter. 

VukGripz baseball batting gloves are breathable, lightweight and have a stretchy back.  The palms are double padded and made of soft leather.  The grips help to increase friction and provide palm protection during your swing.  

VukGripz baseball batting grips are made with award winning technology.  This thin bat grip tape offers unmatched exit velocity increases for players.  VukGripz tape is a great alternative to sticky pine tar that can create more mess than it’s worth.