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5 Simple Steps to a Better Golf Grip

How To Have Better Control Over Your Golf Club

The most critical aspect of the golf swing is understanding how to grip a golf club.  Better grip will give you better control on your golf club. 

A bad method when you grip the golf club can be blamed for a lot of bad strokes and mistakes. Is your golf grip too powerful? Is your golf grip too weak? . What then, is the proper grip for a golf club?

While there really is such a thing as a conventional grip, there are many various sorts of grips that can be successful. There are different compensations going on in your swing phase that make your grip work.

Players with a tight hold, which encourages a hooky flight, may find themselves making changes elsewhere in the swing that allows them to hit the ball straight. Going back to fundamentals can occasionally be beneficial – something even the pros will do from time to time to ensure that negative habits don't develop. 

How to Grasp a Golf Club in Five Steps:

  1. Cradle your fingers to avoid a ‘palmy golf grip’

Let's begin with the club placement in your lead hand. A 'palmy grip' is when the golf grip is in the middle of the hand, and it's one of the most common mistakes amateur golfers make. A palmy grip might make it difficult to square up the clubface because it makes your wrists work harder.  It can also result in a collapsed lead arm and a wristed position on the backstroke.

  1. Check the ‘V’

If you want to have a perfect golf grip – one that is neither strong nor weak – the 'V' formed by your trail hand's thumb and finger should aim midway between your chin and right shoulder. This is where you'll hear a lot about how many knuckles you should see, but it's not an exact science. The ideal number of knuckles to show on the lead hand is two to three, however, this varies depending on hand size. That's why it's more crucial to look at where the 'V' is pointing.

  1. Check the Placement of the Trail Hand

Many people have their trail hand's center of gravity set too high, causing it to misalign with the shaft. You won't gain any power if you put pressure above the shaft, and you'll lose the controllability of the humeral head during impact.

  1. Mind The Gaps

You don't really want gaps above your trail hand's little finger and your lead hand's first finger, irrespective of whether you're utilizing an interlocked, overlapping, or baseball grip. Pockets of holes can cause club movement, typically between departure and strike. It causes the club head to twist a little and gives you a lack of club head control through the ball.

  1. Apply the right pressure

I would suggest holding the club at a five or six on a scale where ten is extremely tight. If you can imagine crossing the street, it should feel like clutching a child's hand. You don't want them to slide out of your grip, but you also don't want them to get wounded by your grip

Steps to a Better Golf Grip- Bonus

Once you have the placement of your hands down, the only other way that you can improve control over your golf club is by using VukGripz golf grip tape. Vuk’s American made golf grips give you unmatched premium friction.  

VukGripz golf grip tape is easy to install over your new or existing grip and will give you the edge that you need to have better club control.  

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