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VukGripz grips its way past the elements, the weather, and the competition!

``Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!`` - VukGripz Solutions for Your Gripping Needs!

From a bat grip, to a lacrosse stick grip, to adding tape to the handle of a hammer, to adding grip to a railing, to developing gloves that can be used with our tape, VukGripz makes grips for all scenarios and activities! People most often forget how important a great grip is when they are playing a sport, or working with their hands for their job, or even in every day life. A solid grip can solve a lot of problems! Much of the time, having a strong grip provided by your muscles can only get you so far. Eventually, you will get tired and have to rest. VukGripz has developed products to compliment your muscles and work with you, not against you! With VukGripz products, people will be able to perform their desired task with a new mentality: “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!”
VukGripz increase the friction between your hands and what needs gripped! By increasing friction between your hand(s) and the object with VukGripz, you will experience gains in:
Torque | Power Output | Stamina | Relaxation | Flexibility | Range of Motion
For baseball, VukGripz has been able to increase the distance a baseball will travel after being hit while using VukGripz bat grips and batting gloves on a bat. Compared to traditional batting gloves and bat tapes, VukGripz products help athletes achieve up to 4.4% more bat speed or 16.6ft extra, on average in distance more than what those traditional products provide (Using VukGripz Bat Grips and Batting Gloves as a System)! VukGripz does not just want to throw numbers at you. It has gone the extra mile and developed an equation that helps explain VukGripz Technology for every scenario:
“Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!” Philosophy: Increase in Friction = Decrease in Slip/Loss of Energy = Increased Grip Between Hand(s) & Object = Increased Relaxation in Hands, Wrists, Arms & Upper Body = Increased Range of Motion & Flexibility = Increased Performance & Usable Energy
It may just be easier to say… “We Increase Your Grip, You Increase Your Performance!”

Bat Grips and Batting Gloves Earn - ``Best of Show`` - Honors at the World's Largest Baseball Convention!

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It doesn’t happen often that bat grips and batting gloves company can earn top honors like, “Best of Show” at the largest convention in the world for baseball! Especially, its first time in attendance! How could bat grips and batting gloves persuade a panel of judges that these products offer athletes benefits that other top name brand products can’t? With scientific evidence and first hand professional baseball testing environments! Owner, RJ Vukovich, has changed the way athletes are able to grip their bats. With a “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!” VukGripz Philosophy, athletes will experience real increases in bat speed, exit velocity, slip resistance properties in all weather conditions, increased relaxation in hands/wrists/arms/upper body, better fluid swings/motions and by providing the most relaxed grip, with your hands, on a baseball or softball bat possible! Stop burying the bat deep in your hands! VukGripz has taken the idea of getting the bat out in a player’s fingers to a whole new level.  Ball Players can try the bat grips by itself with their bare hands or own batting gloves. These bat grips are very thin, lightweight, durable, removable/re-applicable properties, and provide awesome slip resistance in all weather conditions (don’t worry about dirt or mud either)! Other grips may absorb water when those get wet. Those other name brand bat grips are most likely to stay wet until those dry out – after the game with the big at bat in it. With VukGripz bat tape, these bat grips will allow water to fall right off or bead up. So, you can use the bat grip as is or wipe it off! Too take this to the next level, VukGripz Batting Gloves offer an even “grippier” approach than with just a bat grip. This system is unlike anything on the market! Locking in with one another with easy release properties represents advanced technology! VukGripz has it! Checkout the Water Testimonials or even the videos on our Bat Tape page to see first hand from Owner, RJ Vukovich, and many others why these bat grips and batting gloves won “Best of Show!” Try VukGripz Bat Grips and Batting Gloves to experience a real grip, real results, and real benefits!