VukGripz Makes Any Bat Grip, Golf Grip, Tool Grip and Lacrosse tape a ``DIY-Friendly`` Project

Who would of thought that wrapping sports equipment with a new grip could be so tricky? Knowing which way the grip is suppose to face or what end to use when you start wrapping can be difficult. But, not to worry! VukGripz is here to help by making you the best grip wrapper possible.

With regards to sports, many people want to make sure that the grip is perfect for that big game. People always make sure that there are no wrinkles, it looks nice, it matches their jersey or equipment. But, how can this task be accomplished for the every day parent that didn’t major in wrapping a baseball bat with a bat grip? The answer is simple: DON’T PANIC! Always make sure to read the instructions. VukGripz bat grips, lacrosse tape and golf grips all include instructions with the packaging that provides step by step instructions on how to correctly apply a grip. One very popular question, that VukGripz has been able to debunk with its durable bat grips is: “What if my son or daughter is a left-handed or performs their sport oriented task swinging, scooping or hitting left-handed? Should I wrap the grip backwards or wrap the grip the other direction?” The simple answer to this question is: VukGripz grips do not need to be wrapped according to the athlete! Why? Because VukGripz grips are the most durable, strong sticking grip available in the sports world. Other grip companies, for an example in baseball, will tell you to wrap grip tape differently for a left-handed hitter than for a right-handed hitter. This is because most grips are not strong enough to withstand both types of of athletes when only being wrapped one way. VukGripz grips can perform under both scenarios when the grip is applied as recommended. VukGripz has its customers start at the knob of the bat and wrap towards the barrel of the bat (up the handle). Other grip companies, even the top name brand companies, may suggest that for a left-handed hitter, install the grip by wrapping from the top of the handle down toward the knob of the bat. Let’s be real: that is not very easy. What happens if you start to high on the handle and you run out of grip? Well…you run out of bat grip and now it is too short.

VukGripz has you covered! We have spend the last several years developing our bat grip, golf grip, lacrosse grip, and tool grip to be durable, reusable, long lasting and easy to apply. Here is the best “How To” Instructions to wrap any item with a VukGripz grip:

  1. Take a deep breath..It’s just tape!
  2. Always remove any stickers or old adhesive that may be on the handle, shaft, of area where the grip will be installed.
    • Use a scrapper, or a rock if you don’t have a scrapper, to remove large objects from the area like piece of dirt, adhesive, or loose items.
    • Use an adhesive remover to get off any old adhesive before applying a new grip. Clean handles are always better than dirty handles. On baseball bats, old grips usually leave nasty residues behind when those are taken off. That adhesive may affect the new grip in a negative way with the way it sticks to the bat.
    • Use sandpaper if the surface has a slick/shiny finish. Sandpaper will rough up that surface allowing anything type of adhesive to stick better than if it was a slick surface.
    • Give your grip the best chance to succeed and take the extra time to do a great job. It will save you money in the future!
  3. NEVER OVERSTRETCH THE GRIP when applying. With VukGripz, you can just lay the grip onto the equipment. Pulling gently may allow for an easier time around tapered or harder areas. Again, DO NOT OVERSTRETCH.
  4. With VukGripz Bat Grips or any of its grips, it is always recommended to keep the logos facing up, or so that those read left to right. If the logos are upside down, the grip will still go one the same way, but the logos will just be upside down. With other grips, make sure to keep the logos facing up. If other grips’ logos are upside down, there grip may not go on correctly. With VukGripz, it really doesn’t matter…bonus!
  5. It is easiest to rest the heaviest part of the equipment on a table, about waist high if possible. This allows you to twist the equipment with one hand and apply the grip with the other (twist with left hand and apply with right hand).
  6. Take the skinniest taper (usually the taper that starts thin and gets thicker as it moves to the right or towards the rest of the grip), and begin wrapping your equipment.
  7. As you make your first pass around the equipment, cover the starting edge of the grip by overlapping it with itself. This will help protect that part of the grip from getting roughed up.
  8. If the grip is used as a bat grip, VukGripz recommends wrapping the grip up the handle of the bat with a 1/8in overlap (cover the top edge of the grip that is on the bat with itself with an 1/8in of the bottom of the grip that you are currently applying). This provides a comfortable spot for an athlete’s hands and provides a type of “cliff/shelf” that locks the athlete’s hands into place.
  9. As you finish applying the grip, add a piece of finishing tape (if included) or a piece of electrical tape for a clean look and to help protect the grip from getting picked at, clipped if the equipment is thrown, weather conditions or from normal wear and tear.
  10. Always be sure to apply pressure over the entire grip after it is installed. You can do this by squeezing firmly all around the grip. Be sure to not squeeze and twist.
  11. If you would like a smooth, consistent grip, you can wrap the grip edge to edge (recommended for lacrosse and may be preferable for golf). Be sure to always overlap the starting edge of the grip with itself and then continue to apply the grip with the edges butting up to one another.
  12. Don’t forget, if you mess up and you see a wrinkle in a spot of the grip while you are wrapping, stop right there. You can undo the grip and smooth it down to remover the wrinkle, and then reapply.