Tennis Overgrip

The Best Tennis Overgrip is VUK!

The Best Tennis Overgrip was made by Athletes because Athletes know grip! This Tennis Grip was Engineered for Tennis Players to Gain more racket control, hit power, and hit accuracy! All of that comes in one overgrip!

Performance Driven, Tennis Overgrips that can be Trusted in Any Condition!

Being able to trust your grip every second you are on the court is a huge positive for all tennis players! So, you should never have to play a match and worry about your overgrip on your tennis racket! On top of that, players play on different types of courts, which brings different environmental elements into the picture!

Trust American Made!

Our Tennis Overgrips are Proudly Designed, Manufactured and Packaged in the USA!

VukGripz is an American Company that has developed the top slip resistant tennis grips in the world and we focus on athlete performance! We can prove increases in racket control, speed and function!

 Because we eliminated the sticky, tacky and cloth method that alternative tennis racket grips provide, we stand out! Sticky and tacky grips always wear out too fast. We developed the 1st and only overgrip to focus on “GRIPPY ” in the entire world! So, we did this because we understood that we had to stand out from the crowd!

Being able to take our technology that originated in baseball/softball into the tennis world just shows how versatile VukGripz really is! Our performance translates into tennis beautifully with our overgrips! However, we knew that we were going to be the new kids on the block! So, we had to make sure we could keep our American Made Quality to show that we are here and we mean business! We are in control of the entire process! The quality control we achieve is outstanding!