Stars & Flags Tennis Overgrip

Stars & Flags Tennis Overgrip

Tennis Overgrip - Stars & Flags

Stars & Flags Tennis Overgrip


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  • American Made Tennis Overgrips
  • #1 Slip Resistant Tennis Overgrip in the World
  • Can be Wrapped w/ an Overlap or Flat for Feel
  • Grippy, not Sticky/Tacky


USA Tennis Overgrip

We would like to introduce the 1st American Made, USA Themed Tennis Overgrip! This tennis grip is 100% original and different than every alternative on the market!

Why is this tennis grip different?

We understand you may be wondering: “What makes this overgrip different from the rest?” Our response to that is that we finally did something original and out of the box! Every alternative tennis grip, racket grip or overgrip focuses on stick and tacky properties to provide you with grip! We did the opposite! VUK focused on helping players achieve Optimum Grip with Premium Friction! So, with on easy word to describe that: GRIPPY!

Why would tennis players want a different feel for their tennis racket grip?

Players are so use to tradition and use what they are familiar with! There is nothing wrong with that approach! Except: you don’t get you experience what Vuk has to offer! Our tennis racket grips and tennis overgrips will provide athletes with more shot speed, serve speed, and racket control! The reason being is that tennis players are now able to grip lighter while holding tighter (Grip Lighter – Hold Tighter)! This is very important because this allows athletes to gain relaxation in their hands, wrists and upper body, which increases their range of motion and flexibility! This will then allow athletes to gain natural power!

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Weight .08 lbs

Black, Red, Blue, White, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Yellow, Purple, Gray, Pink, Stars & Flags


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