Patriot Batting Gloves | American Flag Batting Gloves (Premier Style)

Patriot Batting Gloves | American Flag Batting Gloves (Premier Style)


  • American Flag Batting Gloves | USA Batting Gloves
  • VukGripz Technology on the Palm of the Gloves
  • Slip Resistant Batting Gloves
  • Performance Batting Gloves with a “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!” approach to hitting!
  • A strong stretchy back (similar to a workout shirt) provides increased breath ability to reduce sweat and increase comfort
  • Awesome Red Leather to accent the VukGripz Patriot Design
  • TIP: These gloves were made to fit a little loose! Avoid overstretching or pulling aggressively on the stretchy part of the glove or wrist strap. Because of the design of the glove and the dri-fit type material used, we recommend using the leather as a place to hold on to when wiggling your hand into the glove. Treat it like a T-Shirt!

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God Bless the USA! We are very thankful to have such a great country that allows to do the things we love! One of the biggest reasons we have these freedoms are because we are Patriots! VukGripz understands that! So, we decided to add a new batting glove called the Patriot!

Now, not anyone can wear the Patriot Batting Gloves! It takes a ball player that is determined to help their team! One that will do what is best for the team! One that will not back down from any fight! One that will stare that pitcher in the eyes and know that “I have the upper hand!” Mixed with VukGripz technology on the palms of the gloves, these Patriot Batting Gloves (American Flag Batting Gloves) will allow you to help take your team to the next level! We are excited to be able to support our country’s colors with these one of a kind American Flag Batting Gloves that no other company will offer!

If you wish to learn more about VukGripz and all of its other products, please visit our Baseball/Softball page! Get Vuk’d up with VukGripz Patriot Batting Gloves (American Flag Batting Gloves)!

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