One-Wrap Lacrosse Grip | Lacrosse Tape | VukGripz

One-Wrap Lacrosse Grip | Lacrosse Tape | VukGripz


Eliminates Spiral Installation (traditional tape jobs)
Great for Face Off Players
US Lacrosse Legal / NCAA Legal

Delivery time

3-5 Business Days


One-Wrap Lacrosse Grip | One-Wrap Lacrosse Tape

VukGripz has developed, yet again, another lacrosse grip! This revolutionary grip provides athletes with the ability to “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!” in all conditions while providing easy installation! Sometimes, it is hard wrapping tape on a lacrosse stick because lacrosse players have to spiral it up the shaft. Well, VukGripz One-Wrap Lacrosse Grip makes it easy with a once-around installation!


All VukGripz lacrosse tape is very thin! VukGripz lacrosse grips are so thin, that we say it is like 2-3 pieces of athletic tape thick! With edge to edge adhesive over the entire grip, there will be no worries of if the grip will come undone. The alternatives do not offer that kind of durability.

Made in the US

VukGripz makes all of its grips at the VukDen! That is right! USA made lacrosse grips coming to you! 


We have seen outstanding success with being able to take our tape off of one stick and wrapping it onto another! With durability like that, athletes do not have to worry about a one-time investment. Also, within minutes, you can switch out your tape to another stick if you broke one during a game! We will continue testing with this feature!

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