VukGripz Bat Grip – Large Tapered Bat Handle Edition

VukGripz Bat Grip – Large Tapered Bat Handle Edition


VukGripz Black Bat Grip – Large Handle Addition

  • 39in long extended bat grip addition (Standard VukGripz Grip Length: 35.5in)
  • Varios Grip Colors: Black (Firm), Red (Firm), Blue (Firm), Neon Green (Firm), Neon Orange (Firm), Pink (Soft),  and Gray (Soft). ***VukGripz Firm bat grip feel is the same feel as the VukGripz Black Bat Grip. Pink & Gray feel a tad softer.
  • Recommended for larger tapered wood bat handles
  • Extra grip length compensates for a large bat handle taper – allows bat grip to extend a normal distance on the bat than come up too short
  • A firmer feel than VukGripz Gray Bat Grip
  • Reusable: can take grip off after already being installed and put the same grip on another bat (refer to product details for more information)
  • Similar to athletic tape, but with advantage of VukGripz Technology
  • VukGripz Bat Grips promote increased safety because VukGripz products will help prevent bats from slipping out of athletes’ hands because of the advanced VukGripz technology
  • VukGripz Increased Performance Analogy: No Slip = No Loss of Energy, Better Relaxation/Flexibility in Hands, Wrists, Forearms, and Upper Body = Better Fluid Motions  = More Energy during Swing and More Bat Speed

Get VukGripz Bat Grip, increase your batting performance.

Please refer to the “Product Study Page” ( to learn more about increased bat speed and “no slip” benefits in all weather conditions.

Recommended for:

any wood bat with larger than normal bat handle tapers. Great for players of all ages and skill levels. VukGripz bat grips have pre-cut ends for easy wrapping.

Delivery time

1-3 Days Handling + USPS First Class Shipping


Reusable Bat Grip Video 

VukGripz bat grips can be reused, even on large tapered bat handles! Although only tested and recorded by VukGripz employees, VukGripz bat grips can be reused on different bats. Through previous experiences while playing professional baseball, Owner RJ Vukovich was able to successfully test and reuse a single grip on 2 different bats on 3 different occasions (games, practices, and in the lab). Within his studies, he concluded a successful “re-grip” period for each grip. This “re-grip” has shown signs of lasting longer than the reported numbers below. His study include:

  • New VukGripz bat grip was added to a new wood bat (Bat1)
  • VukGripz bat grip was on the Bat1 for approximately 2 weeks (14 days)
  • Bat1 had broke at the 2 week mark from when it was installed
  • VukGripz bat grip was taken off Bat1 with the adhesive side facing upwards (do not let the grip stick to itself – will take a long time to undo)
  • VukGripz bat grip was installed again on Bat2 and used for the rest of the month with no trouble (practice and playing)
  • This happened on 2 other occasions and on both occasions the grip had lasted longer (no recorded time, number of uses, etc.)

*This was not a professional study. Owner, RJ Vukovich, has shared successful past experiences in which he has been able to reuse a VukGripz Bat Grip on numerous bats on numerous occasions. PLEASE NOTE: Each installation and re-installation is different. Use, time, installation, weather, exposure, along with many other elements can affect the re-installation of a grip onto another bat. If you have feedback or have successfully re-gripped a different bat with a VukGripz bat grip, please do not hesitate to email VukGripz at [email protected] Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Large Tapered Bat Handle Addition

Have a large tapered handle? Does your current bat grip not extend as high up on the handle because of that large taper? No Worries! VukGripz now provides a longer bat grip to help compensate for different bats with large tapered handles. This style bat grip is recommended for wood bat handles with larger than normal tapers.

Increased Bat Speed with a VukGripz Bat Grip

VukGripz Bat Grips provide an increase in bat speed up to 2.1% more compared to traditional leather grips. That 2.1% more bat speed is equivalent to about 6-8ft extra, on average, by college athletes!*

*Please refer to the Product Study on the Homepage for more details.

Grip lighter, hold tighter, even in wet conditions.

Successful hitting is all about the bat feeling secure while gripping it between your hands. This advanced, performance VukGripz bat grip gives hitters maximum hold with minimum effort. That means more bat feel and control with less fatigue. While typical leather grip and wraps tend to be unpredictable in wet conditions, VukGripz bat grips maintain its gripping power and properties even in the rain, especially when used with VukGripz Batting Gloves. Not only that, due to excellent adhesive, these grips are made to last! With strong pressure sensitive adhesive, these grips are made to stick.

Get our grip, increase your batting performance.

In a study with NCAA Division II varsity baseball players, bat speed increased 4.4% for players using VukGripz Batting Gloves and VukGripz grips, which translated into hitting the ball, on average, 16.6 feet farther.*

Not only that, with the VukGripz system, hitters can receive increased friction/grip by up to 270% in wet, cold, and moist conditions compared to traditional leather gloves and grips.*

*Please refer to the Product Study on the Homepage for more details.

Designed to fit on any wood, aluminum or composite bat. Great for players of all ages and skill levels. VukGripz have pre-cut ends for easy wrapping.

Instructions for wrapping your sports’ equipment with a VukGripz grip.

For easy wrapping, if possible, use the skinniest tapered end of the grip to start the wrapping of your equipment. It is recommended to overlap your grip 1/8in as you wrap your equipment. This is great recommendation for the large tapered handled bats. Do not panic if the bat grip seems hard to wrap and you see bumps as you begin to wrap the large tapered handle. Simply undo the section of the grip with those bumps, and very carefully stretch/smooth the grip to make it flat. This will allow for easy and precision wrapping. After the grip is installed on your equipment, be sure to go around the newly installed grip and apply strong pressure to assure the best adhesion possible (just squeeze the grip, do not squeeze and twist). Be sure to add a piece or electrical tape or any kind of tape to the finishing end to help protect that end. Best wrapping conditions: dry air and room temperature/70F. DO NOT OVERSTRETCH.

PLEASE NOTE: Large tapered handles tend to take up more bat grip. The more overlap there is during installation, the lower the bat grip will be on the handle. Please be sure to take that into consideration when gripping your bat.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 39 x 1 x .08 in
Grip Type

Black, Red, Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Pink, Gray

Logo Color

White, Red/White, Blue/White, Black, Purple/White, Red, Blue


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