Lacrosse Tape – Lacrosse Grips

Lacrosse Tape – Lacrosse Grips

Lacrosse Tape

Lacrosse Tape – Lacrosse Grips


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Lacrosse Tape with Innovative Technology!

VukGripz was the first company to make a lacrosse tape with the power of a lacrosse grip! Most players, coaches and parents thing that grips are thick, leathery, and bulky. With VUK, we decided to model our products like athletic tape! Tape is thin, durable and provides friction! Other lacrosse grip tape focuses on sticky, tacky coatings to enhance grip! Those coatings wear out after minimal use and lose performance! So, Premium Friction became the model for our engineering! Premium Friction outperforms other alternatives because of its make-up.

  • It is durable.
  • Friction provides unmatched slip resistance over sticky, tacky properties.
    • This is the first lacrosse stick tape or lacrosse grip to not absorb mud, water and sweat!
  • Premium Friction is thin, instead of bulky lacrosse stick tape.
  • It will cause less wear and tear on lacrosse glove palms because of the softness.
    • This feature gives players who don’t wear gloves, like female lacrosse players, benefits of decreasing blisters, providing comfortable grip, protection from shaft being cold, and more performance!
  • Lastly, our products has had success with being reusable!
    • This is the only reusable lacrosse tape in the world!

Cut our products to match your game!

Our lacrosse tape allows gives players the freedom to wrap their stick how they want! Because we modeled off of the athletic tape concept, our lacrosse grips can be cut! Some players want to tape the bottom of their stick for shooting, passing, and defense! Newcomers need to learn proper hand position when starting out. So, place this lacrosse grip tape in key areas as players learn proper hand placement! And, faceoff or draw players need to have added grip at the top of the stick to increase their grip during that movement!

Is this faceoff legal?

Our lacrosse tape is also a lacrosse grip! But, this is the first lacrosse grip to be legal for faceoffs at every level of play!

  • We have different colors to referees to differentiate between the glove, stick and head!
  • Wrap VUK edge to edge, or, as one layer (it cannot be overlapped, especially at the NCAA level).
  • VUK is not sticky or tacky! We are Grippy! Grippy is different! Grippy is like athletic tape! If a referee says otherwise, please have them check their rule books!
  • This lacrosse grip is also thin!

For more information about the faceoff rules, please visit: US Lacrosse!

If you want to learn some tips and tricks on “How to Tape a Lacrosse Stick,” check out the link!

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