Blue Lacrosse Tape

Blue Lacrosse Tape

Blue Lacrosse Tape

Blue Lacrosse Tape


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Blue Lacrosse Tape that Increases Shot Speed!

Who would think that blue lacrosse tape could increase your shot speed? Most would assume that blue lacrosse tape is just like the rest! Well, until VukGripz came along, that was the case! We made the first hybrid blue lacrosse grip tape! This has the gripping power of a lacrosse grip, but is thin like hockey tape or athletic tape! We compare it to two pieces of hockey tape stuck together! But, our products include edge to edge adhesive! This allows players to wrap their stick to their feel! They can tape a lacrosse stick with a smooth feel (edge to edge) or with an overlap (textured feel)! Now, there will be raised edges with the overlap. But, players will not have to worry about those edges fraying like blue hockey tape!

How to Tape a Lacrosse Stick:

Here is a quick link to tips and tricks on how to tape a lacrosse stick with our Blue Lacrosse Tape!

FanFavorite at LaxCon!

Our blue lacrosse tape along with our others, earned FanFavorite at the 2018 LaxCon Convention in Philadelphia! Our goal is to always get players to feel our lacrosse grips! If they can feel the stick tape, they will understand how beneficial it will be! So, there is actually a difference in blue lacrosse stick tape! Most others focus on cloth tape or leather grips like Lizard Skins or Spyder Grypz. With Vuk, our main focus was Premium Friction! This feature will give our tape a raised feel, but also a “locked-in” feeling for players! For men, they wear gloves during play. If our gripping material has another material to work with, then the friction increase! With women who mostly play bare handed, our lacrosse wraps will help protect their hands from a cold shaft or from getting blisters! Also, men will be able to increase their lacrosse glove palms!

How can this product increase the life of my lacrosse gloves?

Because our blue lacrosse grip is thin and soft, it will not rub roughly on the palm of the gloves. Slip causes gloves to wear out and hands to get blisters. All of that slip makes rubbing take place, which is not a pleasant feeling when trying to score a goal! Check out this post by Lax Allstars! They will reference lacrosse glove palms! Again, with our blue lacrosse tape, players can focus their mind on the task at hand, so they can stop worrying about their products and grip! Our most popular lacrosse grip is our black lacrosse grip tape! Click the link to head straight to it!

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