Field Hockey Grips

Field Hockey Grips


  • 1-Grip Pack: Select 1 Grip to wrap the Top Half of Stick
  • 2-Grip Pack: Select 2 Grips to wrap the Whole Stick
  • ONLY American Made Field Hockey Grips
  • Recommended wrapping over existing grips (very thin feel)
  • Edge to Edge Adhesive making these Durable
  • Outstanding success with reusable properties

Delivery time

1-3 Days Handling + USPS First Class Shipping



  • Wrap from the end of the field hockey stick down towards thicker part of the stick
  • After you finish with the first field hockey grip, take the second field hockey grip and apply it over the finishing edge of the first (use about 1/2in of the second grip)
  • Align the starting edge of the second grip along the top edge of the first
  • As you come around your field hockey stick the first time, be sure to overlap the grip over the starting edge of the second grip and begin wrapping edge to edge like you did with the first grip
  • When you reach your desired length on the field hockey stick, you may have to cut the grip
    • Be sure to cut the grip diagonally so it makes a nice finishing edge for the grip and a new starting edge for your left over grip
    • Add the included finishing tape to the end of the field hockey grip to make help prevent the edge from peeling from game play
    • Be sure to add the second piece of tape to the exposed edge of the first grip (at the top of the stick)
    • If you wish to use electrical tape, feel free to use that in place of the finishing tape
Field Hockey Grip | Field Hockey Stick Grip | Field Hockey Tape

VukGripz knows there are multiple sports that your hands need to grip onto equipment like clubs, bats and sticks. So, we are coming at you with yet another top performance and slip resistant product that will outperform the competition!  Our American Made field hockey grip is already at the top of the game in slip resistance and its brand new! Our field hockey stick grip doesn’t absorb the moisture from sweaty hands, rain, mud, snow or moisture! The benefit to this is having field hockey tape that will not get heavy or need replaced after one game! Also, the cold weather will not have issues either! Our technology allows athletes to grip no matter the playing conditions! We understand that tapping your field hockey stick may be a ritual for some players. Well, we are creating a better ritual with a better field hockey grip!

Why Wrap Half a Stick

At VukGripz, we understand that our field hockey tape is really “grippy!” So, we developed our grips to be user friendly! You have the ability to wrap just the top half of your stick with one of our grips. Players will do this because they are looking to gain extra grip/friction when they go to strike, hit, pass or swing! Also, you are able to still use your current grip for your bottom hand! We understand that players want to have a more “free” feeling grip with their bottom hands to be able to switch positions on their stick while dribbling or playing defense! But, if you would like to have the VukGripz “grippy” for both of your hands, simply select our 2-pack of grips! You can also mix and match colors! The top half of your stick can be one color and the bottom another! Trick your stick out to help you stand out on the field while you beat up on the opposing team!


We compare our thin field hockey tape to athletic tape! We describe the thickness of VukGripz Field Hockey Stick Grips to about 2-3 pieces of athletic tape thick! So, if you wish to have thin field hockey grip like athletic tape, but with better grip, we have your back! You can also wrap our field hockey tape over athletic tape or other grips to help bulk up the VukGripz Field Hockey Grip! This is completely your call!

Wrapping Technique

Field Hockey players are given the option to wrap their field hockey stick grip with an overlap in it for feeling of extra grip/textured feel or edge to edge, so it feels like one piece of tape! A very helpful tip with our field hockey tape is to make sure NOT TO PULL or OVERSTRETCH when applying it to the field hockey stick! Also, the more you overlap the grip on itself, the less coverage you will get on your field hockey stick by the field hockey tape. If you wish to overlap, we recommend 1/8in of overlap.


We did something very unique! We developed two different feels within our grip family! We have: Red Field Hockey Tape, Blue Field Hockey Stick Grips, Neon Green Field Hockey Grips, Neon Orange Field Hockey Tape, and Black Field Hockey Stick Tape that is more of a traditional feeling tape! We also made Gray Field Hockey Tape and Pink Field Hockey Grips that are a bit softer to the touch. So, depending on what type of feeling you’d like for your hands, you now have options! We are always planning on adding new colors! Be sure to keep up with new color launches via our social media outlets!


That is right! You can take our field hockey stick grip off of one stick if it breaks and apply it to a new field hockey stick! Be sure to watch our video on how to do this at least once to make your experience is super easy!

Learn More

Head to our Field Hockey Tape Page to learn more about VukGripz Field Hockey Stick Grips! VukGripz is planning launching more colors and designs all the time! We hope our Field Hockey Tape will be an essential part of your game to help take it to the next!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Grip Length

1 Grip, 2 Grips

Color 1

Black, Red, Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Purple, White, Yellow, Pink (Softer), Gray (Softer)

Color 2

No Color, Black, Red, Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Purple, White, Yellow, Pink (Softer), Gray (Softer)


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