VukGripz Colored Bat Grips (!!! NEW COLORS !!!)

VukGripz Colored Bat Grips (!!! NEW COLORS !!!)


~A firmer feel! Just like VukGripz Black Bat Grip~

  • VukGripz colored grips come as a: Red Bat Grip, Blue Bat Grip, Neon Green Bat Grip, and Neon Orange Bat Grip!
  • Testing Reusable Properties: can take grip off after already being installed and put the same grip on another bat (refer to product details for more information)
  • Similar to athletic tape, but with advantage of VukGripz Technology – Very Thin!
  • Able to increase thickness by applying this grip/tape on top of another grip or tape.
  • VukGripz Bat Grips promote increased safety because VukGripz products will help prevent bats from slipping out of athletes’ hands because of the advanced VukGripz technology
  • 35.5in long Bat Grip
  • VukGripz Increased Performance Analogy: Increased Grip/Friction = No Loss of Energy, Better Relaxation/Flexibility in Hands, Wrists, Forearms, and Upper Body = Better Fluid Motions  = More Energy during Swing and More Bat Speed

Designed to Fit on any wood bat, aluminum bat or composite bat. Great for players of all ages and skill levels. VukGripz have pre-cut ends for easy wrapping.

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1-3 Days Handling + USPS First Class Shipping


Reusable Batting Tape – A VukGripz “How to Wrap a Bat” Video 

VukGripz has launched its new colored bat grips! The new colors include a vibrant red, royal blue, neon green and neon orange! With same feel that supporters fell in love with, VukGripz has made its new colors with the firm feel! While keeping the same feel, VukGripz also did not disappoint when it came to its bat tape being the most durable on the market! Being durable does not mean bulky! VukGripz bat grips are similar to two to three pieces of athletic tape thick. So, with that being said, VukGripz should be the thinnest bat grip on the market! Wait, there is more! We have tested our products over 2017 and have found outstanding success with being reusable! That is right! You can take our bat grips off and reapply those same bat grips to a different backing! Please be sure to find our videos on how to do this with the following link: REUSABLE.


VukGripz Bat Grips provide an increase in bat speed up to 2.1% more compared to traditional leather grips. That 2.1% more bat speed is equivalent to about 6-8ft extra, on average, by college athletes!*

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Red, Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Purple, White, Yellow

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White, Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Purple


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