Thumbper Baseball Thumb Guard

Thumbper Baseball Thumb Guard

Black Baseball Thumb Guard - Thumper

Thumbper Baseball Thumb Guard


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Sizing: S – 2.25” • M – 2.5” • L – 2.75”

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Next Generation Prohitter Batting Aid

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Baseball Thumb Guard by Thumbper!

This next generation prohitter batting aid is taking over with this Thumbper thumb guard! This patented design allows for the bat to stay on the thumb guard without moving during the swing. The Prohitter has been a great tool for years. But, this new design fits around the hand and protects the inside, middle and outside part of the thumb. Players see faster pitching as they reach new levels in baseball and softball. So, if they get jammed, then the vibration gets deadened from the impact! This will help protect the hands of athletes!

Prohitter Batting Aid vs Thumbper:

The prohitter thumb guard has been a great tool for hitters over the years! It solved a lot of problems (Here is the link to check it out)! But, Craig, the owner of Thumbper (more info found here), decided to take that idea and come up with a different philosophy! There is a need to protect the whole hand. The prohitter is great tool, but almost feels like a ball being stuck down into the pocket of your hand. So, this new design lays across that pocket between your thumb and pointer finger to give you a consistent, full feel!

The wings on each side allow the bat to move and rotate on that without falling off or moving around during the swing! So, it actually gives a hitter a better grip because of the wings forming around the hand! And, it also protects the base of the pointer finger too! This is the first thumb guard to protect two fingers and the entire pocket!

Sizing Chart:

When sizing, take a string and wrap it around your thumb to get the circumference. Then, set it next to a ruler for an accurate measurement in inches! Sizing starts with: S – 2.25” • M – 2.5” • L – 2.75.”

Thumbper Paired with a VukGripz Bat Grip:

We wanted to add the Thumbper Thumb Guard to our line of products because we are the top company in the world for your gripping needs! This product on top of our American Made Bat Grips will give hitters a complete grip! Weather conditions will not play an issue! And, this prohitter batters training aid will last long with its top notch production!

American Made:

This is an American Made batting aid design to protect a hitters hand from sting and vibration! Another benefit of this product is to help hitters get the bat out of the deep part of the hand! This baseball thumb guard gets the bat out into your fingers, so our bat tape can give you more friction to succeed in the box! And, it does add some leverage to your swing! Never step into the box without a complete grip!

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