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We are all on the SAME TEAM with ONE GOAL: Be ALL IN on LIFE Together!

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We know there is a lot of tension in the world. So, we wanted to use our platform and our American Made Grips to send some positive vibes!

ALL IN Grip: One Team with One Goal … LIVE LIFE

We need to come together as one team! We wake up everyday, put our jerseys on, aka clothes, and play the game called: LIFE! Yes, there is competition! But, after the match is done, we need to be able to come together with respect for one another! That is the hardest part. How can you put everything into the game, compete your hardest against others, and at the end of the day put that all aside? Well, that is the hard part! If it wasn’t hard, then it wouldn’t be worth fighting for. But, that is what makes HUMANS, so unique! Our ability to compete on a high level, while being able to put the competition aside, so we can show compassion, support and love for one another! Yes, we may have rivals along the way. But, at the end of the day, we all need to DIG IN!

We need to DIG IN and understand that we are all in the same game, but that others have different strategies of playing it! It is almost impossible not too! So, as we understand that, we need to acknowledge that. Some people have different abilities than others or have access to different tools! So, we as HUMANS run into trouble when we think our way of playing the game is the best way to play it. Again, not everyone has the ability or resources to play our game! But, we have the ability to use our resources to assist!

Our Strongest Resource: Communication

At VukGripz, we know that everyone is on the same team with one goal in mind. That goal is to give this life everything we have! In order for people to do that, each person has different strategies to make that happen. We believe the biggest, universal strategy starts with dialogue or communication! So, we hope our platform and our ALL IN GRIP will help spread positive communication and open people up to having a dialogue!

VukGripz Neon Green Grip

We wanted to show support with our VUKGRIPZ NEON GREEN! We believe this is a vibrant, positive color and we hope you swag out your sports equipment! Positive Vibes for OUR TEAM!

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    Seriously the best grips in the game! They have gotten even better with all the options they provide! Must have on all your gamers!

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