VukGripz American Flag Batting Gloves (Premier Style)

VukGripz American Flag Batting Gloves (Premier Style)


Glove Features

  • USA Themed Batting Gloves
  • Sublimated, “stretchy” cloth is added to the back of the hand to allow maximum durability and stretching/flexibility during use!
  • The sublimated back helps these gloves flex during use, which helps reduce stress on the seams of the batting gloves!
  • Durable, patted leather is used on the palm side of the batting gloves for longer lasting performance during training and season!
  • Batting Gloves offer “slip resistant,” vibration dampening, and easy release properties with VukLoc Technology!
  • Increased safety with these gloves because of VukLoc Technology and “Slip Resistant” properties in all types of weather!
  • Sublimated material is located in each finger to help the fingers flex easier without putting extra stress on those areas of the batting gloves!
  • TIP: Avoid overstretching or pulling aggressively on the stretchy part of the glove or wrist strap. Because of the design of the glove and the dri-fit type material used, we recommend using the leather as a place to hold on to when wiggling your hand into the glove. Treat it like a T-Shirt! This glove is made to fit a little loose!

Delivery time

1-3 Days Handling + USPS First Class Shipping


Providing VukGripz American Flag Batting Gloves while being an American Company is a very big blessing! Being able to give back to your own country and those who protect it is something that is an even bigger blessing!


  • Up to 4.4% more bat speed or exit velocity when used directly with a VukGripz Grip*
  • 270% increase in friction/grip when used as a system with a VukGripz Performance Bat Grip in wet, cold and moist conditions vs a traditional bat grip and batting glove system*
  • 43% increase in friction/grip in dry conditions with the VukGripz System
  • *All stats were concluded in a study by a Fortune 500 Company. Contact VukGripz LLC for any questions by sending “Contact Us Request” on the website


VukGripz American Flag Batting Gloves offer VukGripz quality durability. This is something you will not find with all companies, even the larger ones! With extensive testing into all of its products, VukGripz only launches products it knows will perform above today’s standards. With durable patted leather and a sublimated, “stretchy” back, these batting gloves should offer an awesome user experience unlike anything on the market! Also, don’t forget about the VukLoc Technology located on the palm of all VukGripz Batting Gloves! VukLoc Technology allows athletes to reduce their slip on their bat because of this technology and the way it performs!

  • VukGripz American Flag Batting Gloves offer slip resistant VukLoc Technology.
  • Vibration dampening is also a benefit of VukLoc Technology with the ability to “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!” and with the added VukLoc Technology located on the palms.
  • Thousands of gripping fingers offer the ability to “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!”  even in wet, moist, cold and oily conditions.
  • Wash by hand. Air dry away from heat.
  • Utilize gloves in combination with VukGripz Performance Bat Grips and Bat Tapes which are designed to wrap onto baseball and softball bats.


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