American Flag Bat Grip | VukGripz

American Flag Bat Grip | VukGripz


VukGripz American Flag Bat Grip

  • Same Traditional Firm Feel as VukGripz Black Bat Grip
  • We include our American Flag Finishing Tape to make the end of the grip look clean!
  • Reusable: can take grip off after already being installed and put the same grip on another bat (refer to product details for more information)
  • This grip may tend to feel like it grips more because it is softer, especially if hitters use bare hands
  • 35.5in long Bat Grip
  • VukGripz Bat Grips promote increased safety because VukGripz products will help prevent bats from slipping out of athletes’ hands because of the advanced VukGripz technology
  • VukGripz Increased Performance Analogy: No Slip = No Loss of Energy, Better Relaxation/Flexibility in Hands, Wrists, Forearms, and Upper Body = Better Fluid Motions  = More Energy during Swing and More Bat Speed

Get a VukGripz Bat Grip, increase your batting performance.

Please refer to the “Product Study Page” ( to learn more about increased bat speed and “no slip” benefits in all weather conditions.

Designed to Fit:

on any wood bat, aluminum bat or composite bat. Great for players of all ages and skill levels. VukGripz have pre-cut ends for easy wrapping.

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Keeping it Patriotic!

VukGripz is doing its best to keep it patriotic! We have developed our American Flag Bat Grip! This USA Bat Grip will accent any bat! With a red base, blue wolf logo, and white VukGripz lettering, this bat grip is sure to impress! Mixed with VukGripz slip resistant bat grip technology, these bat tapes will surly out grip any alternative! We have also developed our own USA themed finishing tape as well! The perfect finish for an outstanding bat grip! Please follow the link to see how to apply the VukGripz Bat Grip easily: How To Wrap a Bat!

Additional information

Weight .08 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 x 3.875 x 1.25 in


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