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Making Physics Simple, the VukGripz Style - Performance Product Study

 “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter” is the whole idea behind VukGripz and its products! This philosophy allows athletes to take a whole new approach to performing sport specific movements, even as far as people using tools! As you read and learn about VukGripz and its products, please keep in mind the VukGripz Equation: A tool to help explain all the content of “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!”:

“Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!” Philosophy: An Increase in Friction = An Increase in Grip/A Decrease Slip = Greater Relaxation in Hands, Wrists, Arms, and Upper Body = Greater Flexibility is Gained = More Fluid, Sport Specific Movements =
1) Increases in Bat Speed, Club Head Speed, Racket Speed, etc
2) Increase Power Output and Control of your equipment
3) Decrease Stress and Fatigue in Hands, Wrists, Arms, and Upper Body 

VukGripz LLC has developed products that are able to give athletes a far better grip on their sporting equipment, for example a baseball/softball bat. By providing an athlete with a system that provides better grip/friction, athletes are able to benefit from increased performance. The VukGripz System (VukGripz Bat Grip and Batting Gloves) has proved to provide increases in areas of bat speed, more grip/friction in dry conditions, and more grip/friction in wet, moist, and cold conditions compared to a traditional system, which has been used for years (name brand batting gloves and grips). By increasing grip/friction, athletes are now able to provide more energy into their equipment because the VukGripz System provides no slip or loss of energy. By not slipping, there will be a decrease in the amount of energy lost, during a sport specific movement (Swing), because that athlete’s hands will not have moved, shifted, or slipped while performing their sport specific motion. Not only can more energy be provided, but the VukGripz System will now allow athletes to have a tighter grip by gripping lighter. In return, this allows athletes to relax their hands, wrists, and arms. By relaxing those areas, athletes also gain greater flexibility in those same areas. This provides for better control of equipment along with greater energy being transferred to that piece of equipment. Here are some impressive stats that were concluded in a product study by a Fortune 500 Company that compare the VukGripz System VS Traditional System:
  • Up to 4.4% more bat speed when using the VukGripz System (16.6 ft on average that a baseball went further in distance)
    • 2.1% more bat speed by just using the VukGripz Bat Grip
  • 43% more grip/friction in dry conditions when using the VukGripz System
  • 270% more grip/friction in wet, moist and cold conditions when using the VukGripz System (refer to the “Water Test” on the VukGripz website for a simulation in extreme conditions)

VukGripz has also added its own product study and conclusions from first-hand experience by doing its own product study and feedback from professional athletes:

  • No Slip Bat Grips and Batting Gloves System
  • Great with bare hands
  • Great with alternative batting gloves
  • Better Bat Control
  • Relaxed hands, wrists, arms
  • Grip lighter and hold tighter
  • Reduced sting
  • Reduced blisters because athlete’s hands are not moving during use
  • No impact if equipment gets dirty
  • Durable – duration/life of grip is superior to popular alternatives
  • Provides better safety because of the increase in grip/friction (less accidental tossing of equipment)

VukGripz has taken 4 years to develop and test its products. These benefits are real and will provide athletes with increased performance. First-hand experience at the professional level by Owner, RJ Vukovich, international feedback from experts, numerous Minor League and Big League tests by players, and best of all, real consumer feedback has allowed VukGripz LLC to become a brand that people can turn to for performance, quality, morals, and real science.

[zozo_vc_section_title css_animation=”bottom-to-top” text_align=”left” title=”Water Test “]

This system has been tested at the college and professional level in various, unfriendly weather conditions. This test incorporates both VukGripz Bat Grips and Batting Gloves which provides up to 270% more friction/grip vs traditional batting gloves and bat grips in wet, cold and moist conditions.
* This system was tested under extreme, non game-like conditions to prove how advanced this performance system is than the leading competitors in the market. You will see the following in the VukGripz Water Test video to your right:
  • 2 Swings Off a Tee – DRY – No water on bat grip or batting gloves
  • 2 Swings Off a Tee – Water on Bat Grip Only – Gloves Dry
  • 2 Swings Off a Tee – Water on Both Bat Grip and Batting Gloves
This video will show our volunteer athlete taking the same, consistent swings under all three conditions. The bat never left his hands from slipping and you will see that his hands stayed in the same position throughout the entire swing.


[zozo_vc_section_title css_animation=”bottom-to-top” text_align=”left” title=”” content_size=”12px”]PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECREATE THIS TEST. THIS WAS DONE AT THE VUKGRIPZ LAB IN A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT DURING NON GAME-LIKE, EXTREME CONDITIONS.[/zozo_vc_section_title]