Lacrosse Tape

Relax in the moment! VukGripz Lacrosse Tape!

 VukGripz Stick Grips allow athletes to increase their shooting speed and stick control with the VukGripz Philosophy – “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!”

 “Grip Lighter! Holder Tighter!”: Increased friction = Increase in Grip/Decrease in Slip = Increase in Relaxation in Hands, Wrists, Arms & Upper Body = Less Muscle Fatigue = Greater Fluid Movements = 
1) Increased Shot Speed
2) Increased Stick Control
3) Increase Torque between your Hands & Stick
lacrosse stick grip
VukGripz lacrosse stick and field hockey grips have proven to increase performance and provide no slip in wet, cold, and all other weather conditions.


How To Wrap a Lacrosse Stick

VukGripz Lacrosse Tape is not a one-time investment!

“Have you broke a lacrosse stick in the past?” “Have you bought a brand new lacrosse stick, but already put your new lacrosse stick tape on your old shaft?” 

Put those worries aside! VukGripz Lacrosse Tapes are able to be reapplied! Please follow these helpful steps in reapplying your VukGripz Lacrosse Grip:

  1. Never overstretch the lacrosse grip tape when applying the first time or when trying to reapply the stick tape to another shaft.
  2. Take off the VukGripz lacrosse tape with the adhesive side, or sticky side, of the grip tape facing up/away from the shaft. Go slow. Do not rip the grip off the shaft of the lacrosse stick. If you take your time, it will make the reapplying the grip much easier!
  3. Do not allow the lacrosse tape to stick to itself if possible. The adhesive is very, very aggressive. It if lacrosse grip tape sticks to itself, it can be unstuck by picking the grip off of itself (Note: This will be difficult and time-consuming. Don’t get frustrated! It is just an extra baby step!). Try to take off the stick tape on a counter or higher surface. The the lacrosse stick on the counter with the butt of the shaft in your hand (the head is rested on the counter/table). This will allow the grip to dangle/hang freely as you peel it from the rest of the shaft!
  4. Always make sure the new lacrosse shaft is clean and free of stickers, debris, or objects that could prevent the lacrosse tape from sticking directly to the shaft. Either use adhesive remover (use at your own discretion), WD-40, and/or use a scraper to get all the old adhesive, dirt, or rough spots off the handle.
  5. Reapply the VukGripz Lacrosse Stick Tape to the new shatft the exact same way as the first time it was applied. A helpful hint is to always have the logos/lettering face up or facing you so you can read it.
  6. After the lacrosse grip tape is on the new shaft, make sure to apply pressure all over the freshly installed grip by squeezing all over. DO NOT SQUEEZE AND TWIST. Just squeeze!
  7. Add a piece of finishing tape (electrical, athletic or included tape) to the end/top of the grip to help prevent that edge from getting hit, nicked, or picked at.

Mission Complete! Time to bear down and “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!”

Next Demo Day

Are you ready to try out VukGripz stick grips? The best all weather stick grips and gloves system ever created. Be on the lookout for upcoming lacrosse and field hockey appearances by VukGripz. VukGripz is attending conventions and tournaments in 2017. The newest and fastest growing grip company on the market today. Don’t hesitate to get your VukGripz Performance Stick Grips – Stick Wraps – Stick Tape today!

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