Lacrosse Tape

The Best Lacrosse Tape is Designed for Optimum Grip!

Designed & Developed to Outperform Any Alternative Lacrosse Tape in the Lacrosse World!

Represent by Swagging Out Your Stick with our Designs!

Lacrosse Stick Tape Features:

  • American Made Lacrosse Tape 🇺🇸 !
  • The 1st Lacrosse Tape to Focus on Increased Friction!
    • Increased Friction comes from GRIPPY!
    • No more Sticky or Tacky Alternatives!
  • Thin like Tape
  • This can be Wrapped Multiple Ways!
    • With an Edge to Edge, Smooth Approach (recommended)!
    • With an Overlap to Create Texture!
    • Over Existing Stick Tape Grips or Lacrosse Grips!
  • The Only Reusable Lacrosse Tape or Lacrosse Grip!

Top Rated Tape in the World!

Being a Faceoff or Draw Player is Tough, Dirty and All About Quickness!

Our goal is to provide players with Premium Friction with the best lacrosse tape! Providing lacrosse players with increase friction on their lacrosse will increase their stick control and overall performance! Any time you slip or put your hands in positions that are not ideal, you will lose performance! We help prevent that! We also know that skilled positions like faceoff players and draw players need as much, legal advantage as possible! So, Vuk has developed the 1st NCAA Legal Stick Tape or Grip that is also legal at every level of play!

Quick Tips & Tricks on How to Wrap a Lacrosse Stick

Wrapping a lacrosse stick should be easy! Below are some tips and tricks to help make it a breeze! 

Premium Friction is what we focused on when making our lacrosse grips! Well, with that, our lacrosse stick grips are very different! Check out our recommendations below to help make wrapping a lacrosse stick super easy:

Be Sure to Use Your Thumbs When Applying!

Do Not Pull Tight or Over Stretch!

Use your thumb to slightly stretch as you lay it on

Remove the Liner as You Apply!

To Cut Tape, Cut Diagonal to Make a Starting and Finishing Edge on New Ends!

Also, we know videos can very helpful! So, check out our: How to Wrap a Lacrosse Stick and visit our YouTube to see a Review by Lax Royal!

Time to Play Grippy!