How to Wrap a Lacrosse Stick

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VukGripz Lacrosse Tape – Made Easy, Fun and Athlete Friendly

Wrapping a lacrosse stick made easy with VukGripz! Do not worry! VukGripz makes it easy with its lacrosse tape! This lacrosse stick tape is very thin. Unlike most popular alternatives that may be bulky and cannot be manipulated or stretch, this lacrosse grip tape can be stretched, slightly! VukGripz made it very easy by making both ends of the grip tapered. So, we always suggest making sure the “logos/wording” face up as you wrap (just a helpful tip). But, this lacrosse stick tape can be applied either way; so no worries! Another very, very helpful tip is to make sure to not take off this grip’s liner all at once (the paper part on the back of the grip). The adhesive that VukGripz chose is very aggressive and sticky, unlike most other grips or tapes. Taking off all the liner may cause the grip to start to stick to things you may not want it to stick too (I.E. – pants, table, itself, bat, etc.). Just take your time and go slowly! As you are wrapping your lacrosse stick and you see the grip start to curl or bubble, DO NOT PANIC! Just undue the grip and manipulate it to be flat. We recommend to wrap a lacrosse stick by making sure the grip lines up edge to edge with itself. This will provide a smooth feel. You can also over lap the grip on itself as well to provide an overlap feel. As you finish the wrap job, add a piece of finishing tape (if included, or electrical tape will make a nice finish) to the end of the grip. This helps make sure the grip is protected from hands sliding and hitting the edge over and over again.
Recommending places to apply a VukGripz Lacrosse Grip on your stick:

At the bottom of the stick by the “butt”

At the top of the stick by the “head” (make sure the grip is not touching the head – please check your league or tournament rules)

NFHS and US Lacrosse Approved!