How to Wrap a Hockey Stick

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[zozo_vc_feature_box title=”“DIY-Friendly“ Project” title_size=”40px”]Wrapping a hockey stick may seem tough with other tape! Don’t panic! VukGripz makes it easy with its hockey tape! This hockey grip is very thin. Unlike most popular alternatives that may be bulky and cannot be manipulated or stretch, this hockey grip can be stretched! VukGripz made it very easy by making both ends of the hockey grip tapered. So, we always suggest making sure the “logos/wording” face up as you wrap (just a helpful tip). But, this hockey tape can be applied either way; so no worries! Another very, very helpful tip is to make sure to not take off the hockey grip’s liner all at once. The adhesive that VukGripz has chose is very aggressive and sticky, unlike most other hockey grips or hockey tapes. Taking off all the liner may cause the hockey grip to start to stick to things you may not want it to stick too (I.E. – pants, table, itself, stick, etc.). Just take your time and go slowly! As you are wrapping your hockey stick and you see the hockey grip start to curl or bubble, DO NOT PANIC! Just undue the hockey stick grip and manipulate it to be flat. As you finish the wrap job, add a piece of finishing tape (if included, or electrical tape will make a nice finish) to the end of the hockey grip. This helps make sure the hockey stick grip is protected from the bat being thrown, people picking at it, the end gets hit, etc.

We have all been there! Just bought a brand new hockey stick and wrapped a brand new hockey grip. First period: CRAAAACK! You just broke your hockey stick! VukGripz is here for you! You can remove VukGripz hockey tape from the broken hockey stick and reapply it to another hockey stick. Watch the video for the best way to take it off and reapply it.[/zozo_vc_feature_box]

Helpful Tips on How to Wrap a Hockey Stick:

Be sure to start at the end of the hockey stick with our hockey grip. Begin wrapping with the pre-cut end of the grip. We recommend to wrap the hockey tape edge to edge to help prevent players from picking at the edges when shooting, passing or switching hands. If you wish to have a bulkier or overlap feel, VukGripz Hockey Tape will allow you to do that. Just overlap our hockey grip on itself to create the desired taper. After you are finished wrapping your hockey stick with the best hockey tape in the game, take the pieces of finishing tape included (or electrical tape is a great alternative) and wrap the starting and finishing edges of the hockey grip. This will make a great, smooth transition from stick to hockey grip without picking at the edges while playing or practicing!


With VukGripz Hockey Tape, you can simply lay the hockey grip on the hockey stick with light tension!


With VukGripz Hockey Tape, the adhesive is very strong, and sticky, unlike most competitor hockey grips. Be sure to take your time and remove the liner as you are installing the hockey grip.