How to Wrap a Bat: One-Wrap Bat Grip

Helpful Tips for Wrapping Your Bat with the VukGripz One-Wrap Bat Grip

Recommended for Aluminum Bats (Baseball/Softball):
VukGripz Performance One-Wrap Bat Grip VukGripz has engineered a new bat grip! Unlike traditional spiral bat tape concepts, the VukGripz One-Wrap Bat Grip is a single piece that allows any hitter to get a smooth finish by wrapping its bat grip around the handle, like a cover/sleeve. Competitors have tried to make a bat wrap like this. There only problem: you need to heat theirs up or it has to shrink. Really? VukGripz made it easy! Simply take the corners of the bat tape, line up one side of the grip so that it runs as straight as possible done the barrel of the bat when starting at the knob of the bat, and begin removing the backing as you twist the bat to apply the grip. It is that easy! Does your hitter have "Grip Separation Anxiety?" Worry no more! VukGripz has developed its One-Wrap Bat Grip that provides a different feel with only one overlap edge.
For easy wrapping, be sure to take your time! This bat grip is a one of a kind bat tape. Different from the traditional technique of other bat tapes spiraling up the bat, the VukGripz One-Wrap Bat Grip allows any user to apply a grip with a smooth, one-piece finish. On top of that, this bat grip provides a consistent feel for the hitter. VukGripz created its company by creating bat grips more durable than the competition! VukGripz has seen great success with its traditional grips staying stuck and not splitting apart like other bat tapes. This One-Wrap bat grip will eliminate any possibility of that happening. Although different, this bat wrap will allow for easy and precision wrapping. Because it is a square, you simply remove the backing of the bat wrap on one of the corners on the long side of the grip. Place one corner of the One-Wrap Bat Grip against the knob and take the other corner on the same side of the bat grip and place it towards the barrel of the bat. Make sure the bat grip is straight on the barrel (eye test). Then, simply place one hand on the bat tape that has already been applied to the bat to hold it down and to be able to twist the bat. Take your other hand and peel back the remaining backing of the bat wrap. Do this simultaneously while spinning the bat and applying the grip. Make sure to provide slight tension (just enough so the One-Wrap Bat Grip stays tight as you begin to wrap). DO NOT OVERSTRETCH over stretch the One-Wrap Bat Grip. After the bat grip is installed on your equipment, be sure to go around the newly installed bat grip and apply strong pressure to assure the best adhesion possible (just squeeze the bat tape, do not squeeze and twist). Be sure to add the VukGripz finishing tape, a piece of electrical tape or any kind of tape to the finishing end to help protect that end. Best wrapping conditions: dry air and room temperature/70o F. Again, PLEASE DO NOT OVERSTRETCH.

PLEASE NOTE: The VukGripz One-Wrap Bat Grip can be used on wood bats. Please be sure to take that into consideration the taper on the handle when wrapping a wood bat. This taper may cause the One-Wrap Bat Grip to finish uneven (i.e. the finishing edge/overlap will be diagonal). From testing and professional feedback, this has not made a different in the performance of the grip. It simply will have a different finish. You can apply the VukGripz finishing tape or other tape to the top of the grip to provide protection for the top edge along with providing a cleaner finish! This grip has been fully tested on wood bats with great success!


With the VukGripz One-Wrap Bat Grips, you can simply lay the grip on the bat with light tension!


With the VukGripz One-Wrap Bat Tape, the adhesive is very strong, and sticky, unlike most competitor bat wraps. Be sure to take your time and remove the liner as you are installing the grip.