GR-I-P G-A-I-N-S are real with VukGripz

Gain Performance = Griping Lighter + Holding Tighter
Relaxed Muscles = Griping Lighter + Holding Tighter
Increased Friction = Griping Lighter + Holding Tighter
Prepare at the Next Level = Griping Lighter + Holding Tighter
Gaining Bat, Club & Stick Speed = Griping Lighter + Holding Tighter
Achieve Better Control = Griping Lighter + Holding Tighter
Increasing Flexibility = Griping Lighter + Holding Tighter
No Slip Technology in All Conditions = Griping Lighter + Holding Tighter

Secure Better, Fluid Motions = Griping Lighter + Holding Tighter


Let’s face it! We would have to be a little crazy to make a whole page just about grips! You know… grips like a: bat grip, lacrosse stick grip, golf grip, hockey grip, tool grip, bike grip, four-wheeler handle grip, steering wheel grip, gun grip, bow grip, water ski handle grip, cricket grip, and that’s not even close to being it. We would have to be really crazy to make a whole company based on bat tape. Okay, we admit it! We are pretty crazy! But, crazy is good! If we were not this crazy, we would not have been able to develop a durable, thin, reusable, slip resistant grip in all weather conditions grip! I know this is a page about grips, so I won’t even mention the matching gloves that go with this grip (just make sure to check out the “pool test” on the home page)! VukGripz is onto something and is ready to school the competition!
Listen, we get it! The competition has colors, camo colors, bright colors, solid colors, cool color designs, pictures with colors and different thicknesses. Players want to match their uniforms with their bat grip or have their bat grip match their bat (it looks good, nothing wrong with that). This is very big in the baseball and softball world with bat grips. But, when Mother Nature does her thing and mixes it up, those cool, bright colors don’t end up doing much for you when its 35 degrees and rain is playable. Those competitors’ grips become hard, slick, and stop serving its purpose, which is to help you grip! We won’t even go into other applications (i.e. pine tar, spray, chalk, tar stick, dirt, spit, tape, etc.) because if the conditions are not favorable, those other gripping methods may not even be able to be applied.  But again, we get it!
So, VukGripz has the solution! Grips that go above and beyond for the athlete! Without a great grip, accomplishing the task may not be very easy if all you are focused on is trying to hold onto something! You can watch a Major League Baseball game and watch professionals on the biggest stage let the bat go accidentally into the stands from a little rain or sweat. VukGripz helps prevent that situation. By preventing that, it will make the game that much more safe for players, coaches, parents and fans (and of course, umpires)! Oh, and don’t forget: athlete’s do not lose performance when conditions are unfavorable for a grip! Because we increase friction with our grips, athletes now have the ability to “Grip Lighter! Hold Tighter!” no matter day! By the way, that philosophy allows for athletes to increase their performance! Less stress on your muscles/grip allows for you to exert more energy into the sport specific motion you are performing!
So, next time you are ready to hit the diamond, don’t forget to grab yourself a VukGripz Bat Grip! Something different than the traditional approach to gripping a bat! Hey, it’s not a bad thing to be different and to be a leader!