Fox 42 Omaha Takes a Closer Look at VukGripz “Slip Resistant” Bat Grip and Batting Gloves at the Men’s CWS as a Flying Bat Strikes a Fan in the Stands!

VukGripz Bat Tape and Batting Gloves at the College World Series

Fox 42 Omaha Takes a Closer Look at VukGripz “Slip Resistant” Bat Grip and Batting Gloves at the Men’s CWS as a Flying Bat Strikes a Fan in the Stands!

Never would I have thought that VukGripz would be at the Men’s College World Series. It was always a dream to just go watch some games and enjoy some “Fro-Yo” (Frozen Yogurt)! Take a family trip or even if it was just Dad and I. Well, lets just say that VukGripz was not only at the CWS, VukGripz did not only just bring a best friend, fiance, and dad along for the ride (they dominated the sales of the VukGripz Tent), but it made an impact! A big enough impact to catch the eye of Omaha Baseball Village’s Director, Jenny Peters and Fox 42 Omaha’s Bill Steckis! From a scary incident in the first game that involved a player from Louisville accidentally having his bat slip out of his hands during an at-bat, Ms. Peters suggested that Bill Steckis checkout a small company from Ohio, manning a tent, claiming that its products could have helped prevent that incident! Not only did Bill stop by, but he did a news story on VukGripz for June 20th’s prime time 9pm News Coverage! Bill put VukGripz bat grips and batting gloves through the test. He recommended to have one of the young visitors at the tent, Chase, experience VukGripz technology and science in its bat grips and batting gloves of not slipping in wet, cold, and moist conditions! VukGripz proceeded to pour water on a wood bat that had its grip on it and on the palms of the VukGripz batting gloves Chase was wearing for the test. Bill, ready with camera, navigated Chase through a series of questions and demonstrations so that he could film the results! Keep in mind, this did not happen in a caged area. If the bat would have slipped, it could have gone in any direction. Not phased by the challenge and circumstances, RJ Vukovich (owner of VukGripz) had faith and confidence in his bat tape and batting gloves! The demonstration went great and Bill got the film he needed to make this a story! He was even impressed on how grippy this bat grip and batting gloves system felt when he signed off wearing VukGripz batting gloves and holding a bat with a VukGripz bat grip! With that personal experience, he geared his story towards safety by using another clip of Former NFL Player and current Minor League Player, Tim Tebow, who accidentally had a bat slip out his hands and go into the stands while swinging during a Minor League game.

To so sum up this awesome experience: VukGripz does produce the top all-weather products on the market! The best part about VukGripz products is that the products can be used for golf grips, lacrosse tape, bike grips, handle bars, tools, and anything that could use a grip! Be sure to see Fox 42 Omaha’s Video on VukGripz on the homepage by clicking the link: Fox 42 – VukGripz Video. You can also head to YouTube to see the same video with this link: VukGripz – Fox 42 – Bat Grips and Batting Gloves! Get all the latest slip resistant products and get Vuk’d Up at the VukGripz Shop!

Thank you for reading about VukGripz Bat Grips and Batting Gloves! Welcome to the VukPack!

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