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VukGripz has partnered up with Trilogy Lacrosse Tournaments! We will be in Kennesaw, GA this weekend! We thought it was time the South received an opportunity to try the top, Performance Lacrosse Tape in the game! Our lacrosse stick tape is American Made! We have been doing this locally at our shop since 2014! Our thin, but yet durable design allows athletes to maintain the feel they want on their lacrosse stick while being provided with an exponentially better grip! VukGripz is the 1st NCAA Legal faceoff Tape in Lacrosse (besides athletic tape or hockey tape)! Lacrosse players are able to cut our lacrosse grip in half! This will provide athletes with the opportunity to wrap their lacrosse stick in two different places or to wrap two different lacrosse sticks! Depending on the stick, we have found that our lacrosse stick tape is reusable! We will continue our testing on that and provide you with more feedback as the year continues!

We provide you with 5 color options for our lacrosse grip! The color options are:

  • Neon Green Lacrosse Grip
  • Neon Orange Lacrosse Tape
  • Black Lacrosse Stick Tape
  • Blue Lacrosse Shaft Wrap
  • Red Lacrosse Tape

If you have any questions about how to wrap a lacrosse stick with a VukGripz Lacrosse Grip, please head to our How To Wrap a Lacrosse Stick Page! You can also learn a lot more about what our lacrosse grip has to over by clicking the lacrosse tape link! We are excited to bring you awesome, American Made Lacrosse Grips! Be sure to tip your lacrosse stick wrapper!


June 2, 20188:00 am


Trilogy Lacrosse Tournament - Kennesaw Georgia
2201-2299 J O Stephenson Ave, Kennesaw, GA 30144, USA

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