Slowpitch Softball Spring Training – Cocoa Beach, FL | Bat Grips / Bat Tape & Batting Gloves


We have made it! Week 1 is in the books and Week 2 is starting soon! With some of the top professionals in the game teaching athletes about hitting, fielding and pitching, why wouldn’t VukGripz bring its bat grips, batting gloves and bat tape to spring training? Working directly with Softball Magazine, VukGripz is honored to be in attendance at this event! We also have brought our new Alpha Batting Gloves along with all the Red Bat Grips, Blue Bat Grips, Neon Green Bat Tape, and Neon Orange Bat Wraps! We of course will have our Black Bat Grip, Pink Bat Grip and Gray Bat Grips down there as well!

Be sure to spread the word to anyone in the area! You can learn more about Slowpitch Softball Spring Training by clicking on it! Also, don’t forget to head to our new shopping experience by clicking on: VukGripz Shop! We are making your shopping experience that much easier! All products like our batting gloves, our bat grips / bat tape, and our one-wrap bat grip are available with the link above!

Thanks for all the support! Welcome to the VukPack!


March 15, 201811:00 am

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